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2016-07-14 09:21:57 UTC  

next week

2016-07-14 09:22:01 UTC  

where, I need to know where to plant my bombs

2016-07-14 09:22:07 UTC  

Stockholm rofl

2016-07-14 09:22:09 UTC  

get over here

2016-07-14 09:22:23 UTC  

my cockatiel is determined to ruin my james donkey

2016-07-14 09:22:25 UTC  

think im gonna go

2016-07-14 09:22:27 UTC  

can't keep her away

2016-07-14 09:22:40 UTC  

it must be the donkey logo

2016-07-14 09:22:50 UTC  

she likes chewing the cable

2016-07-14 09:22:53 UTC  

don't know why

2016-07-14 09:23:30 UTC  

>8ball should I review the Baofeng?

2016-07-14 09:23:31 UTC  

:question: **Question**: `should I review the Baofeng?`
🎱 **8Ball Answers**: `Don't count on it`

2016-07-14 09:23:35 UTC  


2016-07-14 09:23:44 UTC  

Nadeko you're so mean

2016-07-14 09:24:17 UTC  

I barely know what most of the settings do

2016-07-14 09:24:25 UTC  

there's 35 menu options

2016-07-14 09:25:05 UTC  


2016-07-14 09:28:02 UTC  

fuck man no chink shit

2016-07-14 09:28:24 UTC  

fucking hell says on the tracking that my bluetooth headset arrived in Stockholm the 7th...

2016-07-14 09:29:45 UTC  


2016-07-14 09:29:53 UTC  

Comfy gonna freak

2016-07-14 09:30:18 UTC  

now I want it even more since it'll be free

2016-07-14 09:30:29 UTC  

le jewnose

2016-07-14 09:33:48 UTC  

>tfw no nordic layouts

2016-07-14 09:33:56 UTC  

doesn't the Pok3r have it?

2016-07-14 09:35:21 UTC  

most memed keyboard on /mkg/ from what I can see

2016-07-14 09:49:04 UTC  

@Phatique majestouch II Nordic 💪

2016-07-14 09:55:45 UTC  

that's a noice looking keyboard

2016-07-14 09:55:58 UTC  

Sweclockers buy / sell section and look up that the seller isn't a neckbeard

2016-07-14 09:57:31 UTC  

I got mine barely used, with o-ring gasket / sound dampeners preinstalled
Some richfag had a £120 keyboard for his __secondary__ computer and I snagged it up for about 50

2016-07-14 09:58:00 UTC  

>buys it from a non-neckbeard
>neckbeards all over it and breaks it falling over playing Pokemon Go

2016-07-14 09:58:12 UTC  

let the keyboard live

2016-07-14 09:58:26 UTC  

#topre lives matter

2016-07-14 09:58:52 UTC  

did you see that the seller with the $56 coupon yesterday is begging people to close the orders?

2016-07-14 09:59:00 UTC  

Kek, no

2016-07-14 09:59:07 UTC  

"Friend, I'm very sorry, I set up a wrong coupons, there are now 5000 buyers pay the free order, if I send these orders, I will be facing bankruptcy, or permanent loss of my shop, I have to stop selling all the goods, need your help,hope you can apply for to close the order, thank you for your kindness and understanding"

2016-07-14 09:59:36 UTC  


2016-07-14 10:00:02 UTC  

Can't he just state that all the items are out of stock until the money gets refunded and orders closed?

2016-07-14 10:00:14 UTC  

I mean keeping your store down for a month probably isn't super for business

2016-07-14 10:00:18 UTC  

He's probably not able to mass cancel all the orders under Ali