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2017-04-15 23:19:29 UTC  

Who here lives in Arizona?

2017-04-15 23:19:38 UTC  


2017-04-15 23:19:52 UTC  

Define casualty

2017-04-15 23:19:53 UTC  

@ChippedStones It started out slow, their numbers looked bigger, but then more of our guys started showing up. Lauren Southern spoke, we found based stick man and gave him his AntiCom hat! Antifa keot trying to come over to our side and flank us, and there was a constant push-pull. But we managed to push them back and send them running into the streets...

2017-04-15 23:20:00 UTC  

So far around 15 arrested from both sides

2017-04-15 23:20:17 UTC  

I'm an Anarcho-Authoritarian @Haupst├╝rmfuhrer Pepe

2017-04-15 23:20:18 UTC  

probably equal casualties tbh

2017-04-15 23:20:20 UTC  

I saw two or three of our ppl hurt

2017-04-15 23:20:31 UTC  

@Iamawesom wtf does that even mean??

2017-04-15 23:20:33 UTC  

Eeesh that's crazy @BlackMetalWitch thanks for the enchilada

2017-04-15 23:20:34 UTC  

atleast one antifa who got the shit beat out of him

2017-04-15 23:20:44 UTC  

that just what I saw though

2017-04-15 23:20:48 UTC  

They threw everything they possibly could. Rocks, water bottles, glass bottles, tear gas, and they pepper sprayed those who got too close.

2017-04-15 23:21:03 UTC  

@alfred I use the NAP to push national goals

2017-04-15 23:21:10 UTC  

@BlackMetalWitch did it get bad?

2017-04-15 23:21:11 UTC  

Antifa got multiple banners and flags taken, should make for some awesome photo ops

2017-04-15 23:21:14 UTC  

@everyone @Iamawesom is a fur/foot fag. pls give him sick bantz at all times.

2017-04-15 23:21:19 UTC  

lel. haven't heard of that one before

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2017-04-15 23:21:43 UTC  

@Iamawesom Dude... It looked like a damn battle field... It was acrually pretty scary

2017-04-15 23:22:16 UTC  

did you record it at all?

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2017-04-15 23:22:29 UTC  

@BlackMetalWitch You'll be used to that by years end I bet

2017-04-15 23:22:35 UTC  

On my Periscope

2017-04-15 23:22:41 UTC  

Seriously though, if our protests had like, drums, and marching. Sort of like 18th century warfare that'd be sick. Maybe a bit too extra though

2017-04-15 23:22:52 UTC  

@alfred you think?

2017-04-15 23:22:52 UTC  

There was a drummer lol

2017-04-15 23:22:58 UTC  

@Boru Nice

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2017-04-15 23:23:06 UTC  

Yes! We had one or two drummer boys! Haha

2017-04-15 23:23:15 UTC  

Playing battle hym of the republic

2017-04-15 23:23:18 UTC  

I could see some mad max truck in our protests

2017-04-15 23:23:26 UTC  

@Boru Were/Are you there?

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2017-04-15 23:23:31 UTC  

You know the one

2017-04-15 23:23:37 UTC  

Nah I was just watching multiple streams all day

2017-04-15 23:23:43 UTC  

@Boru Gotcha

2017-04-15 23:23:43 UTC  

I'm on the east coast

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2017-04-15 23:23:51 UTC  

@Boru what state?