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2016-09-12 09:10:05 UTC  

and if you do dispute, you'd have to go court if you don't get a knife licence

2016-09-12 09:15:37 UTC  

You need a liscence before it arrives in aus according to the law

2016-09-12 09:15:41 UTC  
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2016-09-12 09:26:48 UTC  

@chains @Camphor76-22-2 it's only $3, wasn't going to anyway but just wanted to see if I'm a complete fucctard

2016-09-12 09:51:02 UTC  

phone case from gearbest arrived

2016-09-12 09:51:03 UTC  


2016-09-12 09:51:18 UTC  

@uamee Nah man, my girtl is chinese and I speak it (as a second language, I'm white), so I always charm them shopkeeps into the lowest prices. I got a sports action cam 4k wifi for $15 last time I went there

2016-09-12 09:51:59 UTC  

@stealthdorf Yeah yeah it's jsut somethign to remember if you are going solo

2016-09-12 09:52:33 UTC  

Fo' sho.

But legit, if I find anything so bootlegged it's bananas, I'll post it up. 😄

2016-09-12 09:52:43 UTC  

Please do

2016-09-12 09:52:50 UTC  

Surely China don't block Discord?

2016-09-12 09:53:20 UTC  

Vpns tho

2016-09-12 09:54:56 UTC  

probably not, but I'm only there for the week. Spring harvest festival 😃

2016-09-12 09:55:25 UTC  

It's annoying as hell that google is blocked

2016-09-12 09:55:46 UTC  

Baidu 4 dyas

2016-09-12 09:55:48 UTC  

Gotta use like 20 different chinese equivelents, off of the app store, just to get similar fuctionality

2016-09-12 09:55:54 UTC  

baidu 4 lyfe tho

2016-09-12 09:56:20 UTC  

nothing more useful, I'll give it that.

2016-09-12 10:44:18 UTC  

@stealthdorf What happens if you go to a blocked site in China?

2016-09-12 10:45:46 UTC  

im assuming its just a redirect page

2016-09-12 10:45:56 UTC  

you would think anyways

2016-09-12 10:46:45 UTC  

Like what is on the site though

2016-09-12 10:47:10 UTC  

Does it say 'naughty boii' or what

2016-09-12 10:47:22 UTC  

idk lets find a chinese vpn lmao

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2016-09-12 12:00:44 UTC  

I wonder if O could get the 10cent chinese ciggarettes through customs.

2016-09-12 12:01:04 UTC  

enjoy ur 10 cent cancer led ciggies

2016-09-12 12:04:40 UTC

2016-09-12 12:29:22 UTC  

stalin what country you in

2016-09-12 13:20:48 UTC  

@Deleted User dont know why you even bothered

2016-09-12 13:21:05 UTC  

@zero I did it, quite simply for the meme

2016-09-12 13:21:21 UTC  

you knew it wouldn't work right?

2016-09-12 13:23:59 UTC  

i mean i dont think they should classify them at trench knives but i can totally understand why they dont want them in this shitty country

2016-09-12 13:33:05 UTC  


2016-09-12 13:33:26 UTC  

Ty ty

2016-09-12 13:39:47 UTC  

what brings you here curry?

2016-09-12 13:48:34 UTC  

What are some good wristwatches that are cheap and just do their job?Something below 20$?

2016-09-12 13:48:46 UTC