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2017-07-27 20:37:40 UTC  

If you think the Alt Right is just a movement and not actually about your people I'd suggest putting down your rope culture for a minute and pay attention to events currently. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. One group is seeing results the other is purity sperging about "the day of the rope."

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>not reading rope culture

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It's solid stuff fam

2017-07-27 20:39:39 UTC  

I said put it down for a min. Things are happening irl. Besides every time I talk to guys like you they shill quotes from it, so I get the tl:;dr constantly.

2017-07-27 20:39:40 UTC  

Also AltRight only saw progress in as far as it emulated NatSoc

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You should pick it up

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Who says I haven't read it yet?

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You do act like it

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I supported the AltRight insofar as it was a road to national socialism

2017-07-27 20:43:48 UTC  

Let's examine Rockwell for a minute

2017-07-27 20:43:52 UTC  

That's all I am saying about the Alt Right. It's a way to normalize NatSoc. Just doesn't send the normies reeeeeeeing as much.

2017-07-27 20:44:07 UTC  

His activism worked, he mobilized hundreds and built lasting networks.

2017-07-27 20:44:22 UTC  

What did he do wrong? Not have adequate protection from assassination

2017-07-27 20:45:06 UTC  

William Pierce, he died from cancer.
What did he do right?
Built a million dollar a year independent record label.

2017-07-27 20:45:36 UTC  

Still he like many other far right groups had centralized leadership, when he died the movement died as well. No one could fill his boots.

2017-07-27 20:46:45 UTC  

The movement dies because factions fought over his pile of money and name. outside Jewish groups supported lawsuits

2017-07-27 20:47:24 UTC  

So yes nothing to do with PR swastika nonsense but lack of assassination protection for Rockwell

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But why use the swastika even

2017-07-27 20:48:32 UTC  

It isn't even the best symbol

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This ^

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Best essay

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Different time and a different place. They use to lynch minorities for looking at white women wrong. Now with our current culture, they're giving them away. The culture won't change over night now matter how many times you tell people to read SIEGE

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The blur > _<

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@Anna the Benign try DLing it

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Culture won't change if you try to sneak it

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Like a Jew

2017-07-27 20:50:32 UTC  

A little rat

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We need 10% of the population to be unwavering in this belief

2017-07-27 20:51:04 UTC  

And then it will convert the majority

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Such is sociology

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Sure thing, so when are you and your crew marching in the streets with arm bands? I'll keep my eye out for the headlines.

2017-07-27 20:51:23 UTC  

Anna, if you had a guy try to court you and he was weak, dishonest, and effeminate then could he win your heart? @Anna the Benign

2017-07-27 20:51:35 UTC  

Lol, no

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You want a heroic champion that is virtuous and honest

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@Anna the Benign
Public opinion is like a woman. Women don't care about looks as much as strength and virtue. This is why women don't give a shit how ugly a man is if he has social status.

Our goal as Nazis are to become the authority and court the public like a man courting a gorgeous woman

2017-07-27 20:54:03 UTC  

When's the rally though?