Message from Hyde Pod in Compfy California #vetting

2019-01-09 00:39:03 UTC  

i believe that she will win

2019-02-01 03:47:12 UTC  

2019-02-01 04:00:19 UTC  

Welcome, we have some basic vetting questions pinned that you can answer real quick

2019-02-01 04:06:49 UTC  

yeah ill answer those right quick

2019-02-01 04:12:56 UTC  

1. 18 m
2. socal
3. (a)demographics(illegal immigration included) (b) welfare (c) zionist control of our major institutions
4. towards shittier people, shittier laws, shittier life. Goes without saying that I don't agree with it.
5. not much you can do DAILY, but you can spread your ideas, workout, take actions to become successful in a given field, have children and raise them well, and prepare for the worst.

2019-02-01 04:14:56 UTC  

btw (don't read too much into this) but this isn't ALL the vetting you do right? It would be pretty easy for some one to just make up answers

2019-02-01 04:19:37 UTC  

Yeah we're relatively small, the only way for people to get in is know an admin or know a friend of an admin. But the vetting questions are something we need to work on

2019-02-01 04:19:51 UTC  

I dont take issue with the questions

2019-02-01 04:20:03 UTC  

Just that questions are all you have to vet people

2019-02-01 04:20:10 UTC  


2019-02-01 04:23:33 UTC  

You're in

2019-02-01 04:31:23 UTC  

2019-02-01 04:31:33 UTC  

vet psl

2019-02-01 04:32:05 UTC  

Welcome back

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2019-03-16 18:20:41 UTC  

ayy is me

2019-03-16 19:59:30 UTC  

Welcome back, I'll give you your roles when I get a sec

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