Message from John of Arc in Turtle Hermit School #finance

2019-06-10 01:28:01 UTC  

Went mining today , this was our take...

2019-06-10 01:29:03 UTC  

Best day in 40 years

2019-06-10 01:30:16 UTC  

Gold, silver?Naw .. Marcasite

2019-06-14 11:59:14 UTC  

Finally broke 15 !

2019-06-19 19:59:43 UTC  

very strange pattern.. FF or erect one ?

2019-06-19 20:34:09 UTC  

must be the FMOC

2019-06-20 12:48:01 UTC  

looks like we have a sustained boner lasting more than four hours

2019-07-05 13:28:57 UTC  

Sneak attack underway!

2019-07-06 09:06:31 UTC  

about the sanction system - the world bank is who enforces the sanctions ....then they pressure local or area govs that trade with the targeted nation to enforce those sanctions ...basically cutting the targeted nation off of trade..military force is further applied when the world bank puts economic pressure on the military force nation to carry out it's orders

2019-07-10 23:47:41 UTC  

Now I'm supposed to say "that's interesting "

2019-07-16 15:49:36 UTC  

Remember - return power to the people!

2019-07-17 09:43:23 UTC  

Classic flag pattern, twice actually

2019-08-06 02:13:45 UTC  

Meanwhile , in other areas of interest

2019-08-06 02:16:44 UTC  

gold will eventually hit a peak ...when we switch to the gold standard, it will drop to 1933 levels and tick off everybody that bought gold

2019-08-06 02:16:56 UTC  

which will be mostly all the ds/nwo banks

2019-08-06 02:23:03 UTC  

I don't think that you fully comprehend

2019-08-06 15:59:12 UTC  

Depends on what gold gets pegged to.

2019-08-07 12:05:15 UTC  

Gold doesnt get pegged to anything... it is the basis

2019-08-07 12:08:54 UTC  

However , if globalists get there way , the basis will be an energy unit , and you will be allocated so many energy units per day. Food can be converted into energy units- heating , cooling basically everything

2019-08-07 12:10:09 UTC  

No more Soylent Green for you !LOL!

2019-08-07 14:12:09 UTC  


2019-08-23 20:55:23 UTC  

After a short time of consolidation , were back on track

2019-08-27 23:39:06 UTC  

This is more exciting than gold. Long way to go back to a 15:1 ratio

2019-08-27 23:46:24 UTC  

would really be freaky if they devalued gold below silver

2019-08-28 02:01:25 UTC  

Well, it is said 15:1 is the actual in the ground ratio. Silver is priced 85 to 1. Lots to gain. Silver has been for the past 10 years THE most manipulated market. Gold to kings, silver for the people- it would be an awesome bitch slap to behold to the banksters.

2019-09-03 20:43:21 UTC  

Good Lord .

2019-09-03 20:45:50 UTC  

4% in a day is a good stinkin day

2019-09-13 21:46:52 UTC  


2019-12-17 11:25:01 UTC  

Strange, currently kitco G/S graphs are stuck in time but the values are correct

2019-12-27 01:27:37 UTC

2020-01-03 07:41:46 UTC  

@John of Arc you should join my 4Chan stock group

2020-01-03 07:41:46 UTC  

2020-01-03 10:26:45 UTC  

@Bukkakemon. Ok need a link I will take a look

2020-01-06 01:47:40 UTC  

Is dis good?

2020-02-22 02:08:08 UTC  

Gold had a helluva week, silver seems confus3d not knowing what to do

2020-02-24 02:22:34 UTC  

Never seen something to this scale before

2020-02-24 02:26:15 UTC  

What is going on here?

2020-02-24 02:26:57 UTC  

It won't show the chart, some fuckery afoot

2020-03-02 16:34:21 UTC  

things on the market have value only to those that demand when the value drops or raises it's normally because of supply and demand ratios ...if the deep state needs gold, and wants to screw with the market, it will drop value of gold before buying up a few tons, to cause a market surge