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2019-02-12 17:31:00 UTC

2019-02-12 17:31:04 UTC  

Who else here enjoys colorized photos?

2019-02-12 17:31:08 UTC  

That’s just not true. You clearly haven’t read the writings of historical Christians. They did not “ignore” verses. Read the reformers, early church fathers, literally anyone who lived more than 150 yrs ago. Your perception is not inline with the historical reality

2019-02-12 17:31:16 UTC  

Here’s a naval crew of the USS Oregon from the late 1800’s

2019-02-12 17:31:28 UTC  

Look at those sharp young lads

2019-02-12 17:31:46 UTC  

Wonder what their backgrounds are and what they were doing the day that photo was taken

2019-02-12 17:31:54 UTC  

Gotta go guys take care!

2019-02-12 17:32:41 UTC  

Looks like they have juggling pins, boxing gloves, and weights in front of them

2019-02-12 17:32:49 UTC  

Maybe they were the ship’s entertainment

2019-02-12 17:32:52 UTC  

Who knows

2019-02-12 17:33:33 UTC  

@Jonaltright what you're saying sounds interesting
you should continue it on the religion server so you don't get in trouble here

2019-02-12 17:34:04 UTC  

Who here hyped for LOPF 2019!

2019-02-12 17:34:09 UTC  

@Jacob good point.

2019-02-12 17:34:21 UTC  

What does LOPF stand for

2019-02-12 17:34:32 UTC  

“Lord of the Pretty Flowers”

2019-02-12 17:34:41 UTC  


2019-02-12 17:34:53 UTC  

It’s only the coolest conference of the year

2019-02-12 17:35:27 UTC  

Santa Jared *when*?

2019-02-12 17:36:24 UTC  

Uncle Jared, we already have

2019-02-12 17:36:51 UTC

2019-02-12 17:39:37 UTC  

Has anyone sued them yet?

2019-02-12 17:39:49 UTC  

a city near where I used to live did

2019-02-12 17:39:52 UTC  

Everett Washington

2019-02-12 17:39:58 UTC  

Did it work?

2019-02-12 17:40:10 UTC  

idk but I'm sure there's a few news articles on it

2019-02-12 17:40:14 UTC  

I'll go check

2019-02-12 17:41:27 UTC  

huh apparently Washington State sued them too

2019-02-12 17:41:34 UTC  

and the City of Seattle

2019-02-12 17:41:56 UTC  

but Everett did it before them, since they have a huge drug problem in part of the city

2019-02-12 17:43:43 UTC  

sounds like it didn't work out, unless this is a different lawsuit

2019-02-12 17:45:37 UTC  

Any update on the IE lawsuit thing

2019-02-12 17:45:50 UTC  

Are we winning

2019-02-12 17:49:01 UTC  

I'm sure the powers that be will drag us through the courts as long as they possibly can. They don't want to "win", they want us financially destroyed. @DixieBoy76 - KY

2019-02-12 17:49:02 UTC  

@Jean-Baptiste I'm familiar with the guy he's done it at the building we protested and was arrested for it.

2019-02-12 17:51:42 UTC  

lol Alex McNabb is such a grotesque creature.

2019-02-12 17:52:04 UTC  

Like, trust me, I'm no super model, but the dude looks like a gargoyle.

2019-02-12 17:52:53 UTC  

The gauges in his ears don’t help

2019-02-12 17:53:16 UTC  

He always seemed kind of awkward in a way with his reactions, like he forced them sometimes

2019-02-12 17:54:07 UTC  

I should clarify, I'm sure he's a nice guy - but yeah gauges and his sense of style do not help at all.