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2017-04-20 20:26:10 UTC  

yeah, this isn't a civil war

2017-04-20 20:26:22 UTC  

@breakneckelement okay, but I like not being shot and being able to defend myself

2017-04-20 20:27:33 UTC  

Of course, but defend on the run. I'd never ask anyone not to defend themselves. But if Antifa is opening fire on a crowd, you'd best believe some heavy firepower is coming from government sources to put them down.

2017-04-20 20:28:02 UTC  

I'm not saying this has to be a standard carry item every single time Antifa shows up, I'm saying we should at least consider being prepared if they show up armed and intend to use them.

2017-04-20 20:28:08 UTC  

So like, shoot back, but don't rout them if theyre entrenched, get out of there

2017-04-20 20:28:18 UTC  

@breakneckelement oh no, I completely agree.

2017-04-20 20:28:37 UTC  

The evacuation of people who just wanted to protests should ALWAYS be the priority.

2017-04-20 20:29:19 UTC  

They could have downtown Phoenix for all I care, I want to make sure idiot college kids and those on our side get out alive and get to go home.

2017-04-20 20:29:53 UTC  

Right, thats the most important thing.

2017-04-20 20:30:04 UTC  

Could use the experience to pass out propaganda promoting nonviolence.

2017-04-20 20:32:16 UTC  

I doubt they'll escalate to full on murderrebellion en masse, tho, thankfully. As fun as it would be to watch the national guard shitstomp a rebellion with their big toys, antifa and similar groups are mostly brainwashed and delusional kids who havent experienced actual life yet. I'd rather they have the chance to grow the hell up.

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Now the older ones like bikelock antifa... Are past redemption. But happily a minority.

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In honor of Identity Evropa's alliance with AntiCom...

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Going to spread propaganda today

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really late at night

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How so?

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give me your best posters

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Ill hop on on this

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I will print them off

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Added undefined to the queue.

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That enough for ya?

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we need something light hearted in here