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yall niggas want voice for draw it lmk

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more likes than his tweet

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What is he doing?

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who dat zip?

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Unite the Gamers Rally?

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@epic <:trolled:437512288438714368>

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I just don't understand how a guy like this becomes pope

2018-06-30 08:37:43 UTC  

It is very disappointing

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don't worry, next Pontifex will be literally Hitler

2018-06-30 08:39:45 UTC  

PLS make it happen

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Give us catholic hitler

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If only to own the libs

2018-06-30 08:40:20 UTC  

because dey try to appeal to the mass

2018-06-30 08:40:26 UTC  

with bozo marxist ideologies

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young pope shit

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"we must go back to being mysterious"

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yung pope

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except unironically

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unironically good soundcloud rapper name

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In all seriousness, where is the scriptural proof that the pope can say things on or off the authority of the church

2018-06-30 08:43:10 UTC  

@TastefulH8r no way that pope is real

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that quote

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Yeah, it's pretty sad

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can I get a source for tha quote

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not buying it

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I found it on some shitlib's facebook, so I'm not sure

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yea lol ok

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Sry guys

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Irresponsible posting

2018-06-30 08:45:30 UTC  

I know it's (((snopes))) but i'll believe it if it's something that they might want to be true

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β€œThe Lord has redeemed all of us, all of us, with the Blood of Christ: all of us, not just Catholics. Everyone! β€˜Father, the atheists?’ Even the atheists. Everyone! And this Blood makes us children of God of the first class. We are created children in the likeness of God and the Blood of Christ has redeemed us all. And we all have a duty to do good. And this commandment for everyone to do good, I think, is a beautiful path towards peace. If we, each doing our own part, if we do good to others, if we meet there, doing good, and we go slowly, gently, little by little, we will make that culture of encounter: We need that so much. We must meet one another doing good. β€˜But I don’t believe, Father, I am an atheist!’ But do good: We will meet one another there.”