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2018-07-02 02:38:29 UTC  

just call them gay

2018-07-02 02:38:37 UTC  

The bible says " Do not throw your pearls to swine "?

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2018-07-02 02:38:45 UTC  

jesus said that

2018-07-02 02:38:46 UTC  

You don't need to argue with them

2018-07-02 02:39:13 UTC  

GOD IS sovereign , if they don't worship him he'll raise the stones and they will

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2018-07-02 02:39:21 UTC  

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast
ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them
under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

2018-07-02 02:39:43 UTC  

@AlGoreRhythm you're dragging a lot of people this night haha

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2018-07-02 02:40:40 UTC  

GOD works in mysterious ways

2018-07-02 02:41:16 UTC  

Imagine if liberals weren't this Batshit crazy enough to shock us back into the reality of an order GOD had set ?

2018-07-02 02:41:24 UTC  

Truly remarkable

2018-07-02 02:41:51 UTC  

tbh I'm glad the world is so decayed because it makes it impossible to ignore God

2018-07-02 02:42:00 UTC  

Exactly !!!!

2018-07-02 02:42:23 UTC  

And being an atheist and conservative is contradictory at best

2018-07-02 02:42:54 UTC  

Conservatism is an ally to Christianity, liberalism isn't

2018-07-02 02:43:08 UTC  

they say if you see God you either die or go crazy

2018-07-02 02:43:16 UTC  

I've seen God, he is real

2018-07-02 02:43:21 UTC  

Returning to Catholisism is the natural reaction to anyone smart enough to see how fucked our modern world is.

2018-07-02 02:43:36 UTC  

Don't start this debate torcher

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I'll drag you

2018-07-02 02:44:11 UTC  

Returning to exegetical Christianity is the natural reaction

2018-07-02 02:44:19 UTC  

Doensnt need to be Catholicism

2018-07-02 02:44:29 UTC  

yo cs lewis is WOKE

2018-07-02 02:44:30 UTC  

What the fuck is exegetical Christianity bruv

2018-07-02 02:44:31 UTC  

The Christian Coalition will succeed

2018-07-02 02:44:32 UTC  

As long as your church is not liberal

2018-07-02 02:44:36 UTC  

“Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil.”

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2018-07-02 02:45:00 UTC  

I think one of the reasons ppl get so mad is they think that the bible is 100% literal

2018-07-02 02:45:08 UTC  

you cant explain what its like to see God

2018-07-02 02:45:22 UTC  

Exegis means interpreting the law for what it is and not what you want it to support haha

2018-07-02 02:45:22 UTC  

its like explainging what a tree is by describing its shadow

2018-07-02 02:45:44 UTC  

Yeah because that worked really well for us during the reformation didnt it?

2018-07-02 02:45:45 UTC  

it is beyond explanation and explanation does not do it justice

2018-07-02 02:45:46 UTC  

Unpaid bill drag

2018-07-02 02:45:59 UTC  

idk what drag means

2018-07-02 02:46:03 UTC  

is it a new boomer meme

2018-07-02 02:46:07 UTC  

As in " educate "