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^ pretty great. Very impartial from what I skimmed. exhaustively sourced.

2017-12-02 04:49:39 UTC  

I'm reading the entire thing. There are clear bits of bias against us written into it, but it is exhaustively sourced, as you said. It's very factual and accurate, where facts are concerned.

2017-12-02 04:50:03 UTC  

probably going to be a really long trial.

2017-12-02 04:50:09 UTC  

But you can definitely tell a SJW intern wrote/edited the damn thing.

2017-12-02 04:51:46 UTC  

There's completely out-of-place comments in it at times, adjectives and descriptors like "chanted _Nazi_ slogans" which have no basis in fact nor are supported by any facts presented in the document, but rather, based purely on perception of the writer(s).

2017-12-02 04:52:45 UTC  

A smart attorney will get stuff like that tossed.

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have you watched the footage from the first day of Eric Clanton's trial? his lawyer said the same thing: "I was harassed by Nazi flags outside the court room this morning" and the room burst out laughing. the plantif explained what Kek was

2017-12-02 04:54:41 UTC  

No, I haven't, but that's interesting and yeah, same premise.

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@Deleted User Remember back in the 90's when the OJ verdict redpilled people, WN shot straight up?

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Identify Europia

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Whites pushing for White interests and not wanting to be replaced in our own countries = Racist... NewsOneNow calling themselves the "Black America’s #1 News Source: Our News. Our Voice." = ??

2017-12-03 06:07:24 UTC
Fash the Nation mentioned your pier memorial in the 47th minute.

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"B-b-b-but they're going to call us Nazis no matter *what* we do!"

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Once again, Identity Evropa is setting the standards!

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They will call us Nazis regardless of what we do. It’s not a symbol or a flag they hate, its us.. they hate us.

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The point is that if we stay on point with optics and message, we'll get better and better press, like we got above. @Le 99% (Bay Area)

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@sigruna14 Please fix @Le 99% (Bay Area) 's name.

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@Le 99% (Bay Area) This Washington Post article proves that we will not be called Nazis no matter what. Even if they do call us Nazis, by not confirming their label, they are exposed as agenda driven and as having zero credibility.

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"B-b-b-but they're going to call us Nazis no matter what we do!" This logic assumes normies are incapable of looking past headlines, which Trump's election proves they can. When the normies look past the veil at the real us what will they see? That the media was right all along? Or that we could be their brothers, or kids, or grandkids?

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So I am at the gym when someone I know comments.. “isn’t that a hate symbol?”

2017-12-03 21:16:29 UTC  

We could use puppies and kittens as our symbols. They also would be mislabeled hateful.

2017-12-03 21:16:41 UTC  

It’s not the symbols they hate.

2017-12-03 21:17:19 UTC  

It’s us

2017-12-03 21:20:30 UTC  

I get optics. But at Same time they are important, they aren’t the end all and be all either.

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This channel is for media reports about Identity Evropa and her activities.

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I’m sure most folks already saw this story but in case you haven’t.....

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@Kenobi Joe (Bay Area)#8216 Awesome mug! Where did you get that?

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@SamanthaM Please refer to William's last response here.

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@Suomi Stronk Lol thanks. Wow, that was dense...

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You're good! Always refer to us if you aren't sure what to post where!

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@Suomi Stronk Love how everyone on this server is awesomely nice. Great community. :)

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“The white nationalist called Identity EV-ropa...”

Nailed it

2017-12-04 05:47:41 UTC