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2017-12-27 04:14:06 UTC  

back on the front page of the daily stormer

2017-12-27 05:43:12 UTC  

11 million followers

2017-12-27 05:44:12 UTC  

We are taking the Donald Trump approach to free publicity over here

2017-12-27 05:49:42 UTC  

Technically they do say something about all publicity

2017-12-27 16:03:35 UTC  

The comments in the herald sun article were sorta amusing

2017-12-27 16:12:26 UTC  

I would highly suggest that everyone add an "Identity Evropa" google news alert. It is a fantastic tool to keep up with what the national, regional, and some local news outlets are saying about IE. Further, it is a HUGE white pill. I have had the alert for 8 months now. When I started, we were only mentioned a few times a week. Now?? We are mentioned a few times A DAY. We are putting ourselves in position to become the lead far right activist group in the country.

2017-12-27 16:43:43 UTC  

And, as we’ve broken from other public figures in the “alt-right,”, our reputation and image has improved ten-fold

2017-12-27 16:43:50 UTC  

“Only we can be us”

2017-12-27 22:03:58 UTC  

It's important for everyone to understand the lessons that we've learned as our organization has moved forward. "Breaking off" from other organizations or individuals isn't about saying we're better, but about cutting through the clutter of constant media stories and political noise.

We have to win the fight against obscurity.

Creating space around us where we can expand and get attention for the things we can do best is vital for our organization's survival and the only way we're going to get big.

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Great Russia Today piece.

2017-12-28 03:37:36 UTC  

@Darthhow do you go about putting up an ie news alert,i type in but comes up with many different stories. Is there a particular app you use?

2017-12-28 16:18:42 UTC  

I was about to post this.

2017-12-28 16:19:29 UTC  

190K subscribers 👀

2017-12-28 16:20:01 UTC  

"It may very well have been an attempt to bait the Mayor of Minneapolis into having this kind of response..."

2017-12-28 16:33:22 UTC  

It made fox news front page also! Much larger reach than styx. This story has been huge!

2017-12-28 16:37:09 UTC  

I feel like a lot of people set fox as their homepage, but don't totally watch it. If someone subscribes to styx, I think they really pay attention. Might get us more reach actually.

2017-12-28 16:39:47 UTC  

encouraging comment section to say the least

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2017-12-28 18:13:29 UTC
The official promoter of the alt-right took notice.

2017-12-28 19:07:23 UTC  

@celticflame If you go to Google will set up the alert and send them to your email a few times a day

2017-12-28 19:22:21 UTC  

Ok thanks @Darth

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That piece is brilliant

2017-12-28 20:53:48 UTC  

@Conway - OK yeah, just listened to it. Paul Kersey and JT couldn’t speak more highly of IE. Great stuff.

2017-12-28 20:54:22 UTC  

All the right people on our side

2017-12-28 20:54:37 UTC  

All the wrong ones... in other groups 😉

2017-12-28 20:56:30 UTC  

all the essential people

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2017-12-29 19:46:13 UTC  

city pages can't help but write about our local group. they just can't help it. They once had an entire article about a member that left two ie cards at a local coffeeshop.

2017-12-29 19:54:26 UTC  

Oh man, three angry letters. It’s worse than Auschwitz!

2017-12-29 20:08:28 UTC  

It’s anuddah Shoah, oy vey!!

2017-12-29 20:20:44 UTC  

My county paper freaked out over siege at local university so much so a smaller publication called them out for over reacting and double standards.