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2019-08-08 15:10:07 UTC
researchgate is a scientific source that shares a wide range of worldviews. Look for these studies themselves for an understanding

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Living near power line can cause serious mental health issues and seriously decreases the value of land, so its not a stretch to assume that larger bandwaves would cause health issues

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“the scientific jury is already out on the harmful effects of RFR, and the FCC is flat-out derelict in its duty to put public safety above telecomm industry interests”. This is disgusting. 😧

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Scientific American != Scientific jury

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5G, developed in Israel, is exported — **it is FORBIDDEN in Israel.**

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Here is a meta study examining a variety of experiments. Wi-Fi and Health: Review of Current Status of Research

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With that specific experiment you posted up, they can’t control for extra heat generated

2019-11-24 16:44:16 UTC  

Among the major ill-effects we will likely see some time after the introduction of 5G, according to Dr. Pall, include increases in blindness, hearing loss, male infertility, skin cancers, thyroid issues, and nervous system dysfunction.