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2018-02-14 18:35:34 UTC  

well, they did say the guy just showed up to class and wasn't enrolled in the class.

2018-02-14 18:35:43 UTC  

but asked if he could sit in.

2018-02-14 18:35:58 UTC  

I still don't buy it.

2018-02-14 18:42:07 UTC  

Full disclosure my badge is missing.

2018-02-14 19:03:48 UTC  

I don't buy it either,if anything sounds like someone pretending to be us & theu have no clue who we really are or what we're about

2018-02-14 19:17:09 UTC  

Yeah, how come I didn’t get a badge 😂

2018-02-14 19:26:50 UTC  

Yeah, has Patrick been depriving us of our badge entitlement?

2018-02-14 20:22:06 UTC  

The badge he gave me was really specific weeb references so I just assumed he only had anime badges...

2018-02-14 20:28:14 UTC  

mine just had a blown up photo of Daniel Craig on it

2018-02-14 20:56:30 UTC  

I read the UCSD blotter from that day and it says an officer took a report from a person. It doesn't say the officer observed or filed anything. Some news writers have referenced the police report as if it is evidence when in fact it is just a reference to the RP who is definitely full of ish.

2018-02-16 22:20:30 UTC  

Thanks for posting @celticflame

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2018-02-16 22:40:40 UTC  

That article sure does take a wild twist at the end.

2018-02-16 22:49:02 UTC  

Yeah lol

2018-02-16 22:49:09 UTC  

A nice history lesson I guess

2018-02-17 00:23:53 UTC  

haha. At first I thought the author's name was Klanman.

2018-02-17 00:24:28 UTC  

alas, it is klamann.

2018-02-17 12:06:34 UTC  

Let's take that to general.

2018-02-18 14:02:29 UTC  

According to the ADL they call us supremacist which is such bull!!

2018-02-18 14:02:34 UTC

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We want the preservation of White American Culture, ..but aparently that a bad thing according to the ADL. Thought id post it cause want sure what they had classified Us as; but of course im not surprise; any pro american group seems to be an enemy of the ADL

2018-02-18 15:13:12 UTC  

Once you understand the phrase "white supremacy" to mean our desire to maintain political control and cultural predominance in the lands built by our forefathers, it makes a lot more sense.

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2018-02-18 18:53:48 UTC  

Wiki says Neo-Nazi & white supremacy lol

2018-02-18 18:55:46 UTC  

The frustrating thing about those labels is that they have enough "sources" to verify it as fact. You can see the source for yourself - mainstream news media, all citing back to the ADL and SPLC.

2018-02-18 18:57:57 UTC  

Five sources turn into two, and those two are both owned by one.

2018-02-18 19:06:34 UTC  

Well, the issue with that is that Eli was on podcast and on essay saying some really outlandish stuff.

2018-02-18 19:06:49 UTC  

So, they feel justified in saying stuff like that.

2018-02-18 19:06:54 UTC  

Oh, Eli...

2018-02-18 19:07:06 UTC  

Come back and save us.

2018-02-18 19:07:21 UTC  

It was like that before Eli

2018-02-18 19:07:42 UTC  

The Wiki might have said supremacist but I don't think it said neo nazi until SPLC and ADL started quoting Eli's 'nazification of America' remarks.

2018-02-18 19:08:10 UTC  

Even if it didn't, it will be harder to change it because of that.

2018-02-18 19:08:56 UTC  

Hopefully Eli's 2 mo tenure is enough of a statement on that.

2018-02-18 19:09:06 UTC  

When's the last time we've tried talking to wikipedia about it? Worth a try, we can say that's one of the reasons he's gone.

2018-02-18 19:10:38 UTC  

We've discussed it multiple times. The issue is that Wiki has 1) a lot of Israeli influence and 2) a very strict moderation and editorial system where only the most tenured editors can have sway to permanently change claims like that. @Joe-MN

2018-02-18 19:12:05 UTC  

Israeli? never heard of that. Worth a try anyway. If we can change it from nazi and WS to at least WN, that's still a win.

2018-02-18 19:13:42 UTC  

Jimmy Wales...

2018-02-18 19:14:16 UTC  

...asks for donations to keep it up...always gets millions from special interest groups...