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2018-09-18 23:57:34 UTC  

Comment after comment of "I Googled it and it said they're nahtzees. Fuck nahtzees! This stuff pisses me off to my core. We can't let this spread in our city!"

2018-09-18 23:58:21 UTC  

Also that comment about "muh slavs and Irish" mad me upset, on top of me being both of those

2018-09-19 00:09:51 UTC  

@Distracted Yeah, one of the dolts even went to our site and *still* called us "nahtzees". <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-09-19 00:11:14 UTC  

“Hurr durr they used a blonde girl, so weird, they HAVE to be nazis”

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Can't read the text. You guys the subject of J-Left manhunt?

2018-09-19 02:01:03 UTC  

A MT IE member yes

2018-09-19 02:01:42 UTC  

Yikes, he should lay low for a bit. Change wardrobe and facial hair

2018-09-19 02:03:38 UTC  

Nope we're going in full speed now
You played yourself RMC!

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2018-09-19 02:04:13 UTC  

You sure that's wise?

2018-09-19 02:04:13 UTC  

Rocky mountain college

2018-09-19 02:06:42 UTC  

I can't read the flyer, but I assume it is meant to hunt the member down for the classic "unemployment and threats of violence routine" anti-whites do to any white male that is not submissive.

2018-09-19 02:07:11 UTC  

RMC btfo but for real pull a Bundy and change appearance

2018-09-19 02:07:52 UTC  

Flyer looks like it’s from the university and is asking if anybody recognizes him, only says he was putting up flyers that aren’t allowed

2018-09-19 02:17:36 UTC  

Fellas, there is a reason that we do not advocate ~~going to~~ flyering at private universities. Consider this.

2018-09-19 02:22:07 UTC  

Flyering around them is a safe option, there are usually plenty of places nearby that students go

2018-09-19 02:24:10 UTC  

I strongly recommend wearing a hat when flyering (I cant tell if you are in the pic) and wearing a set of clothes you only use for fliering and never for normie activities, to include separate shoes

2018-09-19 02:25:12 UTC  

IF accused, use plausible deniability and even fake outrage. Be sincere and persistent and dont change your story.

2018-09-19 02:26:14 UTC  

I actually have seen that person. He was in an Alien Ant Farm music video

2018-09-19 02:27:03 UTC  

Hats and sunglasses are allowed, correct? Just not masks?

2018-09-19 02:27:16 UTC  

Can we get 50 members to call this number tomorrow and give different names and stories

2018-09-19 02:27:53 UTC  

"That guy was handing out mixtapes at the mall, said his name is Lil dragon eye"

2018-09-19 02:28:13 UTC  

What if we all said that?

2018-09-19 02:28:45 UTC  

First name Beau, last name Faw.

2018-09-19 02:44:27 UTC  

Actually if we got Google phone numbers for that area code it may work.

2018-09-19 02:44:54 UTC  

“He talked to me and said his name was David Shapiro”

2018-09-19 02:45:22 UTC  

Okay well thats probably a little obvious but we could come up with some obfuscation.

2018-09-19 02:50:28 UTC  

“He sent me a link to his Youtube channel”

2018-09-19 03:13:14 UTC  

Why is it dated Oct 31, 2018?

2018-09-19 03:15:04 UTC  

Approved through? Good question @Sonic

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2018-09-19 06:38:25 UTC  

@Sonic @Valaska Expiration, when they tear it down.

2018-09-19 17:54:31 UTC  

aaand the cite the ADL calling us white supremacist

2018-09-19 17:54:57 UTC  

This was already posted last night

2018-09-19 17:56:15 UTC  

whoops...been searching google news, that came up as an article from today so i didn't bother to scroll up