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2017-09-26 23:26:47 UTC  

Say what you want abuot Kyle, but he does say some good stuff smometimes and doesn't cuck on it.

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Also, this

2017-09-26 23:30:27 UTC  

she's philipino not mexican

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Congratulations, on your engagement! Nice ring!

2017-09-26 23:51:52 UTC  

whats going on with the NFL is a gamergate for boomers

2017-09-27 00:02:10 UTC  

Even more White pills

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If some of you know, my fiance cheated on me about a month ago, this has devastated me mentally, emotionally, and physically; however I've been trying to uphold myself to a high standard, one my ancestors wouldn't be ashamed of me for upholding, instead of drinking, drugs, or other hedonism I have turned to God, Art, Exercise, and literature to help mend my wounds, and someone who follows me on Instagram messaged me this today, and it meant a lot to me. If my growing can effect someone like this, I can imagine many people in this movement having this effect on others as well, if we carry ourselves as we do, professionally, family, and brotherly, and loving.

2017-09-27 00:08:28 UTC  

Good stuff.

2017-09-27 00:11:02 UTC  

@Implicitus Probably one of the toughest obstacles for a man to overcome so gracefully. There's a guy in Jersey who really admires you.

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Attitudes can change

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Poland apparently used to be super pro-immigration

2017-09-27 02:03:16 UTC  

Now, as we all know, it isn't

2017-09-27 02:03:40 UTC  

We can do it here

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People only care when it effects them directly.

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Premature white pill

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Lil whitepill for anyone down on Trump. He's in way over his head, but I think he's trying for us.

2017-09-27 18:48:19 UTC  

They started moving dirt today on prototypes of the wall.

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Went to check on some posters I put up in the most popular disc golf course in my area and they're still up 4 weeks later

2017-09-27 20:22:27 UTC  

Not in my area. It's mostly athletic white college students

2017-09-27 20:22:53 UTC  

There's not much else to do in town so it's very popular

2017-09-27 20:26:57 UTC  

What is disc golf

2017-09-27 23:00:04 UTC  

@William Russell Where do I apply to build the wall?

2017-09-28 00:07:34 UTC  

There are a so many of our people out there - we need to find them and guide them in a positive direction.

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@AltRightMick that scratching out is not particularly secure most of the name can be made out.

2017-09-28 01:09:28 UTC  

Also @AltRightMick if you can see her plaintext password then your password security is not good. You should never store passwords, instead you're supposed to add a salt, calculate a hash, and store the salt and hash instead:

2017-09-28 01:11:03 UTC  

Idk if you maintain that kind of thing but should probably register a bug with whoever is maintaining your user system there.

2017-09-28 01:56:47 UTC  

@John O - if you find out let me know. We need all hands lol

2017-09-28 01:57:28 UTC  

Will do

2017-09-28 02:40:12 UTC  

Disc golf is a great activity that involves skill, getting outside, and lots of activity. Yeah it has people that smoke but that doesn't mean the acitivty itself is dumb. Maybe some of those "degenerates" just need a group like IE to show them the way and change their life.

2017-09-28 02:49:05 UTC  

I Disc Golf, but often I've had a couple lagers before so I tend to not be the best player ๐Ÿ˜Œ

2017-09-28 03:08:47 UTC  

โ€œUltimate Frisbeeโ€ used to be a lot of fun.

2017-09-28 05:08:48 UTC  

Just got my results today