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2017-09-29 22:22:58 UTC  

@Deleted User no just new to me. Haven't heard that one before and it was pretty inspiring.

2017-09-29 22:35:34 UTC  

Looks like German leftists are starting to question the open doors policy for refugees

2017-09-29 22:37:46 UTC  

According to German news outlets, die linke (the left) are making a rightward shift on immigration due to the fact that the party bled support to AfD especially in the former communist east Germany due to fears of losing jobs to immigrants

2017-09-29 23:00:22 UTC  

@Goldendawn I don't know if that's a white pill or black pill or neither. If the leftists pretend to go back on immigration they can lure the dumb ones into voting for them again

2017-09-29 23:01:36 UTC  

Possibly, but it demonstrated that they've changed the narrative in Germany

2017-09-30 00:19:21 UTC  

A guy I know who got fired because his co-workers saw him in a photo at Cville just got a job that pays 100k a year.

2017-09-30 00:27:34 UTC  

fuck maybe I should get doxed

2017-09-30 00:50:47 UTC  

@Deleted User you won't do it

2017-09-30 00:54:16 UTC  

@Deleted User you try it first. If it works for you then I'll do it

2017-09-30 03:22:16 UTC  

That requires going to events first. @Deleted User

2017-09-30 04:02:57 UTC  

I wish someone would try to get me fired for being at charlottesville. I work in a family busuness, I would have to murder someone to get fired.

2017-09-30 05:49:02 UTC  

Oh the fun

2017-09-30 06:18:50 UTC  


2017-09-30 06:19:01 UTC  

"i am a zionist" - Laura Loomer

2017-09-30 06:19:45 UTC  

The Lols

2017-09-30 06:20:09 UTC  

dat music

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2017-09-30 12:55:22 UTC

2017-09-30 13:36:47 UTC  

Hail Tyr

2017-09-30 14:21:41 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff showed you're NFL video to my parents today, thanks for the red pills

2017-09-30 16:46:12 UTC  

@Wotan Reborn Lol. Loomer is poison. Came out of nowhere & became instant celebrity through hard work - no Cosmopolitan backing at all! Baked Alaska thoroughly de-pilled by her (yuck). Something sinister bout whole thing

2017-09-30 16:48:58 UTC  

Re: football. College is still being worshipped and, I fear, most muhmerika civnat sleepers will refill NFL pews once nogs r bribed & league forced to capitulate. Stockholm syndrome.

2017-09-30 19:31:41 UTC  

@PicBoy I was happy to finally see some Spanish Nationalism, massive whitepill.

2017-09-30 19:32:27 UTC  

@Implicitus And look how normal and happy all the people are! Majorly uplifting.

2017-09-30 19:42:36 UTC  

Fascism done smart.

2017-09-30 20:32:11 UTC  

Rly dude

2017-09-30 20:39:16 UTC  

didnt scroll up xD

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2017-10-01 01:54:09 UTC  

A twitter commenter, "The (HuWhyte) man is waking up, and you weaklings can do nothing to stop it."

2017-10-01 02:19:48 UTC  

The Tennessee shooting will likely lead more white Tennesseans to racial consciousness.

2017-10-01 03:09:51 UTC  

Like the urban riots after civil rights and integration led to a backlash? It didn't, and this will do nothing as well if we don't make it. People respond how they're taught to respond. We have to tell them what to think about this.

2017-10-01 03:21:20 UTC  

were they really giving the roman salute

2017-10-01 03:21:23 UTC  


2017-10-01 03:23:45 UTC  

Yes definitely.

2017-10-01 03:28:59 UTC  

i guess thats all good in spain?

2017-10-01 03:29:32 UTC  

not enough of the choosen ones to get them all fired i suppose?

2017-10-01 03:35:58 UTC  

Doxing doesn't seem to have the same effect in Europe, though I'm sure there will be a hailgate-esque media reaction as a result of this. We shall see.

2017-10-01 03:52:07 UTC  

You sort of have to understand what a completly consumerist culture does to a nation. Heiling in America is pathologized to another degree because there is no historical context other than "evil", because America functionally does not have a history beyond the words written in books because of multiculturalism