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2017-10-04 04:20:23 UTC  

lol He said he's poked holes in all his condoms. He gonna try for as many as possible.

2017-10-04 04:23:33 UTC  

One of the guys in our local group just had his first daughter.

2017-10-04 04:26:08 UTC  

I need to get on it. Trad life goals.

2017-10-04 04:28:10 UTC  

Every time I check <#359019358204198926> it seems someone else is having a baby. For those who are parents here, excellent work folks! You give us the reason to carry on.

2017-10-04 20:17:30 UTC  

I can't believe what I'm seeing

2017-10-04 20:18:01 UTC  

People are posting AmRen articles on Facebook like it's nothing

2017-10-04 20:18:42 UTC  

They're posting stats on IQ, stats on diversity

2017-10-04 20:19:28 UTC  

Big pro-Trump Instagram accounts with thousands of followers are coming out as alt right

2017-10-04 20:19:52 UTC  

This would have been unheard of 1 year ago

2017-10-04 20:20:40 UTC  

It's actually happening

2017-10-04 20:20:51 UTC  

We're becoming normalized

2017-10-04 20:22:27 UTC  

That's good to hear. I scroll through facebook and just see anti-Trump media.

2017-10-04 20:22:38 UTC  

@Deleted User awesome! Link(s)?

2017-10-04 20:24:27 UTC  

@ThisIsChris TrumpMemz is a good one. Was really big during the election, has about 78,000 followers now. Posts are becoming more and more redpilled.

2017-10-04 20:25:08 UTC  

The guy who runs ConservativeMovement said he's alt right too.

2017-10-04 21:21:56 UTC  

That's the biggest white pill I've seen thus far. Thank you @Deleted User

2017-10-04 21:23:03 UTC  

The more we push the further along we get but maybe the further along we get the easier it becomes. Maybe the effects are compounded more than we thought.

2017-10-04 21:29:10 UTC  

Border wall funding approved.

2017-10-04 21:35:32 UTC  

That's glorious

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Someone go drop a banner

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Well said @Deleted User

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Build that wall!

2017-10-04 23:36:18 UTC  

Normie friend from HS on facebook

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A white pill to me is.... I have a sock Facebook account I use to follow normie pages. I have to say I have noticed a lot of them posting about and mentioning the war on whites. If it wasn't for the hard work by people in our movement this would never happen on these sort of pages. I'm not sure if they have been red pilled or if it's just so obvious they can't help but to mention it. Now keep in mind these sort of pages these people use to make a living so of course they play to their audience. So that tells me that their audience it's more accepting of this kind of talk. So that is a huge. White pill to me on our road of waking up the masses.

2017-10-05 16:05:19 UTC  

It's early on but Whiter parts of south Brazil seeking secession from browner north:

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The first verse of their anthem is a whitepill in itself, "Awaken Romanian, from the sleep of death into which you've been sunk by barbaric tyrants, now or never create a new fate for yourself- to which even your cruel enemies will bow"

2017-10-05 20:33:46 UTC  

There are still countries with anthems this based

2017-10-05 20:57:03 UTC  

We should sing the US national anthem at our public events

2017-10-05 21:09:43 UTC  

The new College Republicans at my old chapter are looking based

2017-10-05 21:10:03 UTC  

(I'm still in the chat group)