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2017-11-02 22:36:49 UTC  

Ed Gillespie's campaign funding just tripled.

2017-11-02 22:37:48 UTC  

@Deleted User gtfo seriously?

2017-11-02 22:38:35 UTC  

According to a text from my dad. Haven't referenced it yet.

2017-11-02 22:39:04 UTC  

Seriously. I saw this too

2017-11-02 22:39:08 UTC  

A lot of people were infuriated by that ad. Major backfire 😆

2017-11-02 22:39:13 UTC  

After the Truck campaign, donations doubled

2017-11-02 22:39:25 UTC  

That's hilarious

2017-11-02 22:43:54 UTC  

r/the_donald is becoming new /pol/

2017-11-02 22:44:07 UTC  

This is excellent

2017-11-02 22:44:59 UTC  

yeah this campaign is great

2017-11-02 22:45:25 UTC  

more redpills have dropped in the last 24 hours thanin the last month.

2017-11-02 22:49:58 UTC  

This is a great point. If one of the people in those mugshots was released, and you beat him up saying, "F*** Latinos!"—would that be a hate crime against a latino? If yes, why wasn't his former crime documented as "by a latino"? If no, whence the hate crime status?

2017-11-02 23:54:53 UTC

2017-11-02 23:55:06 UTC  

Non IE people posting at UNLV

2017-11-03 00:30:46 UTC

2017-11-03 00:30:57 UTC  

Green pill

2017-11-03 00:31:13 UTC

2017-11-03 00:39:23 UTC

2017-11-03 00:46:23 UTC  

Beautiful! Where is this?

2017-11-03 00:48:19 UTC  

@NCSC Wow!

2017-11-03 01:00:24 UTC  

Balsam Knob in WNC this afternoon. About 30 minutes away.

2017-11-03 01:01:26 UTC  

Off the blue ridge parkway

2017-11-03 01:24:27 UTC

2017-11-03 01:24:32 UTC  


2017-11-03 01:25:13 UTC  

Hungarian prime minister viktor orban being a true white leader as always

2017-11-03 04:45:21 UTC  

@Goldendawn Tom Cotton is such a badass. Too bad most republicans are too stupid to support the RAISE Act.

2017-11-03 04:46:14 UTC  

Republicans won't support it because they can't line their pockets with cheap labor

2017-11-03 18:21:09 UTC  

I’d rather see run for pres than pence

2017-11-03 20:31:54 UTC  

There is some good white pills in here.

2017-11-03 22:37:38 UTC  

Great video.

2017-11-04 01:02:40 UTC  

Tucker briefly covered the It’s Okay To Be White campaign tonight.

2017-11-04 01:03:39 UTC  

what did he say

2017-11-04 01:03:42 UTC  

Shock and horror

2017-11-04 01:03:52 UTC  

i assume he's pro

2017-11-04 01:05:22 UTC  

He didn’t share an opinion. He can’t share an explicitly pro-white opinion. He basically just said that the Left needs to stop with the outrage and left it at that. It’s great he brought up the issue at all.

2017-11-04 01:06:02 UTC  

He has a lot of normie followers, I predict this just enlightened many viewers

2017-11-04 01:07:13 UTC  

going on a run tomorrow

2017-11-04 01:07:19 UTC  

hopefully it will make the news

2017-11-04 01:09:36 UTC  

now we don't know if tucker's pro-white.

2017-11-04 01:10:43 UTC  

"Shock and horror" isn't a good sign