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Jesus, you're awful accusatory

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Not gonna waste any more time/ energy on lieing trolls that are scared

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Good luck, conceited flattie. You don't need to be in a voice chat to have a valid point. Although you'd never have a valid point otherwise, as you've proven

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No signs of curvature

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R. I. P. Torus earth ⚰

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That torus earth would have more curvature than the sphere earth... So your whimsical claim has already been slaughtered, bud

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Have fun believing you live on a donut

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Nobody's seen a flat disc going through space like God's Frisbee, now have they?

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Is the end of the world gonna be when the heavenly mutt catches this Frisbee we live in?

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The earth is observed to be flat and motionless, bud

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Sorry, you seem to be challenging me to a battle of brains, but I think you forgot your weapon, dear

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Ad hominem

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I gotta go, the event's starting

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Wow, you can't believe that someone who has a different opinion than you has a life?

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**blocked troll**

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What a sad, sheltered child

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You deleted your message lol

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Talk bad and then run like a coward, huh? Now who's the coward?

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is the earth flat or round

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Please use <#538929818834698260> @(ey/em) Snowball @Mathieus the Walking Witness

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Imagine being a round earther

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Good evening

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Hello there

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Is this a place that's up to debating

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And is it satire?

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@Фатто Катто <#538929818834698260>

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Hello everyone! I am not a Flat Earther myself (yet) but i am very open minded. I have always wanted to talk with Flat Earthers because i am curious how they explain some phenomena, so i joined a few Discord servers to learn more about this.
I have watched many videos, including videos that were supposed to explain my questions, but unfortunately they were all vague and unconvincing. So what i really need is a person to explain it, so i can ask questions and get concrete answers!
Even though i have questions about several topics, i will just use one, which i would consider to be the strongest evidence for a spinning Earth (independant of its shape).
If anyone could explain how this phenomenon supports the Flat Earth model (with a spinning firmament on top of the Earth, instead of a spinning Earth with space/stars around it on all sides), then i could be convinced to accept the Flat Earth model as being plausible!
So here is the example, which seems like undeniable evidence for a spinning Earth:
The stars above the North pole spin around a point near the star Polaris. The stars above the South pole spin around another point, in the opposite direction.
This is exactly what you would expect if we would be looking outward on both sides of a spinning object, that is why i consider it to be very convincing evidence for a spinning Earth!
Like ants on a ball, looking to opposite sides of the spinning ball. They can see two different points around which the surrounding environment is moving in circles and the environment would be moving in opposite directions at either of those points.
So i wonder: How could this occur on a stationary Earth with only a spinning firmament on top? Could anyone explain this? ♥

2019-09-12 21:34:34 UTC  

Even though i did not intend to discuss other arguments (because the example i described above is the most solid piece of evidence for a spinning Earth in my opinion and i wouldn't like to distract from it), i noticed this picture that was posted here as evidence against a Globe Earth, and i can't help myself but to respond to it :)
The first question i had when i saw the picture: How can there be a white horizon with sky and emptyness below it? If it is not a horizon then what is it? I can't imagine any shape of the Earth which would create such a view...
The next question that seemed obvious to me is: How extremely small would the Earth be to have such a significant curvature, that it looks like the lower "horizon" dropped so much while standing just above the surface? (You could probably walk around that entire Earth in less than a day or so? It appears to be extremely unrealistic and thus very unconvincing)

2019-09-12 21:50:35 UTC  

If the shape of the Earth is a globe, and it is as huge as most maps show it to be, then the curvature viewed from that height would be so insignificant that a person could not see it with unaided eyes: You would probably need a very high resolution camera that is zoomed in, and on top of that you would need a flat surface to compare it to... Does anyone disagree with this?

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