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Cool stuff, but discoveries that blow away all previous science come along all the time, and then are quietly discredited and forgotten.

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no blackpills

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it's not disproven

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modern science is mostly lies

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Anthropology and Archaeology took a "wrong turn" for *many*, but not *all*, practitioners at a certain point. And it became heretical to go against the "consensus" except when you had excellent evidence. 130,000 years is problematic for a couple of reasons. First and notably, the integration, admixture, and ultimate replacement of the Neandertals hadn't happened yet. If you're saying the group came from that population. So you'd need to have tools and artifacts that match the technology they'd have had at the time. Or skeletal evidence. If you're saying they were the non-mixed group, then the resultant population wouldn't have (obviously) the same Neandertal admixture and SNPs, most likely. If you're then saying that later on, the admixture happened with the second group that came over, then that's all well and good, but again you'd need evidence. If you're saying they all died out, which is the default position, you're up there at the start trying to explain how an archaic hominid from that long ago had technology that doesn't show up anywhere else for ~80-100K years.

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Ok I suck at this trying to get a visual up but lol anyway you get the gist

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almost like there's another agenda out there. Good this is getting out there though.

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@Pavel Cristović Kurz agrees.

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Austria-Hungary ftw <:chad:359013583469805568> @Deleted User

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I had a reunion party with half a dozen former high school peers last night and after a few drinks 5 of them were arguing with the one leftist kid for not being a WN and 3 expressed interest in Identity Evropa, one is already a member

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@Francisco Nuñez - CA did they all know you were a member?

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I recruited one of them last month

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Text them links to the app link

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already did chief

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My goal is 4 recruits by the end of the year

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Who /spreadingthegoodnews/ here???

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100,000 men by 2020

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March on Washington soon brothers

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I need to get better at redpilling and recruiting people. I've become so accustomed to keeping my mouth shut that I don't put forth my best effort to bring more people on board.

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Just got back from mass. So many young white families. We should have holiday themed business cards to put on windshields during church services.

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Great idea

2017-12-25 03:51:06 UTC this is HUGE fellas. we have lots of room to work with. Lots of room to show our people that there is another way besides atomized multiculti-mvlatto futurism

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“We don’t want our Christmas markets to be renamed, we don’t want to retreat behind concrete blocks. We don’t want our Christmas surrounded by fear and distress. We don’t want out women, our daughters to be harassed in the New Year’s Eve crowd.” Guess which country has some sense.

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@Wotan Reborn I'll take "Germany" for $500.

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either Hungary or Poland

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Hungary 🇭🇺

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Oops wrong channel. I thought that was a politician

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A baby’s first Christmas

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@Olivia M Very cute! Merry Christmas.

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Thank you! He’s such a good boy

2017-12-26 04:17:51 UTC great small documentary on Ukraines right wing youth