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2018-01-03 22:03:15 UTC  

Bannon is done

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Thank Denmark's based immigration minister, Inger Stojberg.

2018-01-03 23:42:37 UTC  

But will they expel the current rapegugees?

2018-01-03 23:43:30 UTC  

Of course they won't

2018-01-03 23:47:52 UTC  

@Perihelion - CA The Danish People's Party wants to begin the process of repatriating refugees.

2018-01-04 01:14:22 UTC  

We used to watch some shitty prank show in the break room at work. Now we watch Tucker. I've heard some very good reactions.

2018-01-04 04:34:25 UTC  

The day that France fully uncucks itself, is the day that we have fully won. I think those genes are playing out in Canada as well to some degree.

2018-01-04 04:41:32 UTC  

One can only hope

2018-01-04 04:58:30 UTC  

People are waking up. You can only attack whites for so long until we go full blown nazi. We’re nice until we’re not. And it doesn’t look like the low IQ minorities or college (((professors))) are slowing down with the attacks.

2018-01-04 05:30:53 UTC  

Whites do it right

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2018-01-04 12:50:19 UTC  

He tweeted this morning

2018-01-04 13:39:39 UTC  

The logic cannot be denied except by people who want fraudulent voters.

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2018-01-04 13:51:37 UTC  

"Been busing them in for 50 yrs...gonna keep doing it"

2018-01-04 16:31:58 UTC  

meh. How many speeches or tweets has he made for things that we like? how many have actually gotten done? we need to pay less attention to trump.

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2018-01-04 22:48:14 UTC  

A conviction of Hillary would send terror into corrupt politicians for at least a decade. This would be good for us.

2018-01-05 03:07:49 UTC  

you seen clinton foundation in the news today?

2018-01-05 03:34:41 UTC  

@Joe-MN Pray tell

2018-01-05 03:35:32 UTC  

Ingrahm is on Fox talking about it now

2018-01-05 03:56:52 UTC  

being reinvestigated. could be big.

2018-01-06 01:05:54 UTC  

Keep Our Suburbs White!!!

2018-01-06 01:06:19 UTC  

I actually mentioned this in the now infamous Young Turks Interview.

2018-01-06 02:44:16 UTC  

This is huge! The only reason blacks live where I live is because of programs like this.

2018-01-06 02:56:29 UTC  

Its not true freedom of association but its better than before

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good to see trump putting the black man to work.

2018-01-06 04:27:57 UTC  

Make America Work Again

2018-01-06 04:28:09 UTC  

The aesthetics of this video are incredible, the video maker gave IE a shoutout in the beginning as well