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@Deleted User Very cool. Got a link? I couldn't find one.

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"This Nation article explains why the center-left has been so flummoxed over the last week by the arrest of Trinidadian con man Ravi Ragbir after twelve years of his publicly flouting his deportation order for being convicted on seven counts of wire fraud: the Obama Administration felt that rule of law did not apply to leftist activist celebrities because they were … leftist activist celebrities."

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@Goldstein Riots Chris you should <#359892798071373824> this too

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I was talking to my boss last night about politics very carefully. He brought it up and I just kinda played dumb like don't really know what's going on in the world. He says something like, "I like Trump but his demeaner is just terrible... I voted for him though..." Then a hyspanic guy that I work with vehemintly starts trying to explain that its all strategic. I left the conversation before it turned into gas the kikes race war now. Then I came back walking past them and hear the hyspanic guy talk about how Merkel needs to be hung and how scandinavians have by far the best genetics. People are talking guys.

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2018 is gearing up to be one hell of a year.

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St cloud member attended an antifa(ish) community meeting about our White Student Union. It was sparsely attended, showed no understanding of who we actually are, and one soyboy there was convinced that our political beliefs will win there.

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This is from three guys putting up posters and dropping a few banners. Change is possible!

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@Anti Weeb Aktion that's a great poll result. I basically assume anyone who cares more about funding the government than DACA will be a-ok with ending DACA entirely

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If one poorly spelled poster gets them that rustled, they're worried for sure.

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Out st cloud crew's done more. Banners too. But it really took very little to get people rustled. Lots of unharvested outrage in smaller towns.

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dont out him like that xD

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I see something along this article was posted earlier, but I gotta shout it out again. People are waking up and I LUV it ! !!!!! I wish every town Manager had these ideals. Almost like a Spencer Ethnostate ideal. I cant find the guy on twitter, I dont do facebook. I wanted to give him a huge shout out of support.

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That flag!

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I guess we need an ethno-city-state before we have an ethno-state.

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Styx has AWOKEN

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Styx has overdosed on the redpill. Medic on standby

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woke stalin penisknowledge

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^^^ 😂

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They're so precious!

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That's awesome

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I didn't know Orania was doing so well. Fuark

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I looked at their demographics and their population is booming, everyone rejoice!

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Dont mean to black pill but their gonna need a lot more and a big wall to protect themselves

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According to Wikipedia, Orania has been around for 58 years. Although, only its existence for the past 24 years is surprising.

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The MSM reaction to it, though, is all the proof one should need of its anti-white bigotry. White "bigots" are problem, so some white "bigots" establishment a small town for themselves. Said town is 3.46 square miles in area. South Africa's area is 471,445 square miles. Whites can't even have a 1/100000 of a country to themselves.

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Happy Sunday brethren

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This is a great read