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Today's the day that DACA only lasts at the will of activist judges until as soon as SCOTUS smacks it down

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Borders closed, send em home

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read the article man

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Pozzed mayor of Nashville resigns pleads guilty to felony theft

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My two boomer coworkers were talking about an article they saw online today. It was a story about flyers that were posted around NJ post offices, reading "March is national stop blaming white people month. Hug a white person and take responsibility for your own bad decisions".

The article tried to make it sound like a hate crime but they both thought it was hilarious and were emailing it to their friends.

These guys are normal conservatives. The Overton Window is moving.

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A friend of mine just gave birth to a baby girl! More White children are always a whitepill! And this friend is redpilled so you know this kid will be raised right.

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“Every moment spent spreading negativity could instead be used to attack our enemies”

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Rush talking about 1986 amnesty and bipartisan push for illegals plus GOP delusions of Hispanic support

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When scrolling FoxNews Tucker hot takes are always whitepilling

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They’re like the European version of us..... mean great looking gentleman with big no, ginormous...........
and good fashion sense.
does anyone know about these guys?

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