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The only real news Network

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Still too many

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A white pill for me today: I was at a city church earlier...looking around it was almost entirely well dressed, the women mostly trad, so many marriages & families, and there were kids all over the place. It is a real bastion and some respite from the fray.

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Kind of amazing how the liberal denominations are more White, yet more insanely masochistic @Deleted User

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Major GI action is occurring in the Alps right now, and we’re getting ready for our own activism in DC.

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Few of our guys fought in a MMA tournament in Germany. Took home a win, representing USA

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It's just a normie-tier civ-nat afd rally, but I find any display of German nationalism heartening.

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"The teen was found guilty of "grossly offensive message by means of a public electronic communications network" and given a curfew order limiting her movements from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., as well as an electronic ankle bracelet to monitor her."

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Great 5th date today with a trad QT that I met at a Celtic heritage festival with my IE guys. Asked her to be officially exclusive (boyfriend/girlfriend), she said "yes"!

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The triumvirate of optics-conscious e-celeb-ettes retweeted our action! These three have a gigantic reach into the #MAGAsphere and beyond. I'm counting this one as a win.

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obligatory (had to do it to 'em)