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Queen Ann RTing Mike Enoch

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"Taylor Swift just released her 'folksy' version of the EWF funky soul classic. This is sooooo disrespectful. Maurice White did not die for this. I need to understand why this is happening. Taylor Swift needs her ass whooped." - Monique Judge, columnist and news writer for The Root ("black news, opinions, politics and culture")

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Had a date today with a wonderful woman I met last month at a Celtic heritage festival that one of our local IE guys invited me to. She must be the most wholesome and traditional woman in America who is still single, but not for long. And she’s very intelligent, nurturing, and humble. She likes Scottish folk music and doesn’t even know the rap songs that play on the loud speakers at sporting events. I’ll be asking her to be my girlfriend this week.

EDIT: One of her favorite bands literally identifies their genre as “Trad Irish”. I didn’t realize the Trad movement is wider than the alt-right.

This would not have happened without IE. Y’all need to get to the soonest European heritage festival in your area and get yourself a pro-white trad girl. I’m over the moon.

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@Tanner - SC Maybe she should check out Paddy Gurdy on YouTube.

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Desi Linden won the women's boston marathon, making her the first white woman/non-African to win in a decade and the first american to win in over 3 decades

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Positive peer pressure is a key function of Identity Evropa:

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The only real news Network

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Still too many

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A white pill for me today: I was at a city church earlier...looking around it was almost entirely well dressed, the women mostly trad, so many marriages & families, and there were kids all over the place. It is a real bastion and some respite from the fray.

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Kind of amazing how the liberal denominations are more White, yet more insanely masochistic @Deleted User

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