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"A song about the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe"

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"The ADL, which calls itself a civil rights organization, is in truth playing a really damaging role in a number of communities." - Rebecca Vilkomerson

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Our brothers repping USA in Europe

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I went to the local ice skating rink today with the gf and it was a blast. FYI single guys, there were far more women there than men. And incredibly white. It was beautiful to watch the figure skaters practicing.

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PJW posted this. Many normies will see it.

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We had a Great NorCal Meetup at Scottish Highland Games today & it was really great to see old faces & meet some new ones too! We all had a Good Time today!!!😊💙❤

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So, we CAN show strength at the border.

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Despite all of the challenges over the past 12 months, AmRen 2018 was a full event with tons of young people who were attending either their first AmRen conference or their first identitarian gathering altogether. The movement is growing!

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Conversely, it’s up to us to be the place to retain them!

2018-04-30 21:07:08 UTC
"White Millennials have turned toward Republicans the most. Support for both parties among young white voters is equal at 39 percent. This marks a big shift from 2016, when white Millennials supported Democrats over Republicans 47 percent to 33 percent."

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The left eating itself.

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The Identity Evropa Youtube channel reached 5,000 subscribers!

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America wins again

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2018-05-02 02:05:20 UTC More are following Texas’ lead!!

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White male millennials are more conservative now than ever before.

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Sportsball subscriptions are in steep decline

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A normie friend on facebook messaged this to me this morning <:teehee:381917632359563264>

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At a bar luncheon today I heard the new US District Attorney for the western district of Louisiana say that his major focuses for criminal prosecution will be: (1) violent crime, (2) illegal immigration and the citizens who encourage it, and (3) the opioid crisis from Mexican imports to irresponsible doctors. It was refreshing to hear someone with some power share some of our objectives.

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50% increase in lawyers/judges at the border to expedite rejecting asylum-seekers.

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