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A normie friend on facebook messaged this to me this morning <:teehee:381917632359563264>

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At a bar luncheon today I heard the new US District Attorney for the western district of Louisiana say that his major focuses for criminal prosecution will be: (1) violent crime, (2) illegal immigration and the citizens who encourage it, and (3) the opioid crisis from Mexican imports to irresponsible doctors. It was refreshing to hear someone with some power share some of our objectives.

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50% increase in lawyers/judges at the border to expedite rejecting asylum-seekers.

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“It saved my town. Calmness has returned.”

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A alternative was created for the Boy Scouts.

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And the girl scouts also. also.

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Kinda funny

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North Korea has released their detained American citizens!

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"400yrs of slavery? That sounds like a choice" 🤔

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"Air Force Technical Sgt. John Chapman, was alone in the pitch-black, wounded and slowly regaining his consciousness in the thigh-deep snow of a 10,469-foot peak known as Takur Ghar, as scores of Al Qaeda fighters closed in..."

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McFeels retweeted IE's consulate action. Overall, it's hard to objective but I feel like I am noticing increased recognition of IE among traditional AltRight circles (TRS) as well as more circumspect people (like Southern).

Spirits are high.

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Eric (Oh Gawd!) Schneiderman got #metoo'd .

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Huge opportunity for a group with the infrastructure to create small local groups centered around tradition.

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@Prestor John I posted some above in the white pill section above about a week ago