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2018-09-03 19:50:35 UTC  

@greg_p - TX @Conway - OK @James Moore - TX put on a great IE weekend retreat. Around fifty people and a dozen children. Hiking, swimming, communal meals, meetings and speakers. It was a fantastic time and exciting to see the growth in IE! @Reinhard Wolff went out of his way to come down and meet with us! Thank you all for a great weekend! Europa!

2018-09-06 11:02:22 UTC  

Swedish youth waking up. Must be nice to have police who protect activists. I couldn’t find a link to just the based Swedes so skip ahead.

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Good follow up from Tucker

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Congressman Steve King quote tweeting Lana Lokteff

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Big Tech to become obsolete.

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European Mythology binds our people regardless of your religion today. We need to focus on our common history, stories and love for our heritage.

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I can't over emphasize enough how huge this is. The Dalai Lama said "Europe is for Europeans. Immigrants need to go home to build their own country."

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We need Trump to get a lot more done, but Vince James is right - your vote matters. While IE is focused on metapolitics and therefore activism, still make that sure you register to vote and help Trump in the midterms

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Chad Graham says yes, I am the white man you hate. I will not apologize. I will not back down.

2018-10-03 21:15:58 UTC  

Nice to see a GOP Senator not backing down to the left for a change!