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2017-09-21 18:56:08 UTC  

Hey everybody, important one here:

This is a post made by Adam Miyashiro, a half-Hawaiian, half Jewish professor at Stockton University in NJ. This is the same guy who alerted the press and put three of our guy's (including me and Jimmy the Greek) faces all over the news for posting flyers on campus. He is an avid anti-white, pro-communist activist and is extremely active on campus, poisoning the minds of thousands of students while he teaches there.

As you may know, Antifa is officially recognized as a domestic terrorist group in NJ.

If you will, please lay pressure on Stockton for employing a professor who promotes a domestic terrorist group on school grounds. Tweet at them. Email them. Encourage all your friends and followers to do the same. Post this information on all your social media. Whip up public outrage. It shouldn't be hard at all - this is a professor who is literally recruiting for a recognized domestic terrorist group on school grounds.

This idiot threw us a slow pitch. Let's knock it out of the park. (we should be able to get him suspended or fired)

2017-09-21 18:57:25 UTC  

Anybody with the ability to @everybody, could you please help a brother out?

2017-09-21 19:51:13 UTC  

Jeez I knew he was pozzed scum when I found him but this takes the cake

2017-09-21 22:19:19 UTC  

@PicBoy Could you post the number to the department at the school you want everyone to call? Make it easier for the goys and saturate the same office with calls.

2017-09-21 23:08:49 UTC  

His rate my professor is:

general admin contact info:
Stockton University
101 Vera King Farris Drive
Galloway, NJ 08205-9441
(609) 652-1776

The literature department posted a chucked message about recent hate speech and asks impacted students to contact several numbers including the ADL so imo calling the main line is best.

2017-09-21 23:53:20 UTC  

If I can get 5 or 10 guys to hop online with me, we can pretty much guarantee a front page spot on r/the_donald.

I can make a really detailed post, then if you guys give me the first few upvotes it's pretty much guaranteed we'll have thousands of people participating.

2017-09-21 23:53:42 UTC  
2017-09-21 23:56:39 UTC  

I'm up for it but I think we have a meeting in 5. So after?

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2017-09-22 01:46:49 UTC  

post it on /pol/ as well, they love going after antifa

2017-09-22 01:47:02 UTC  

when they want to get someone they go after them hard

2017-09-22 01:47:07 UTC  

look at eric clayton

2017-09-22 02:17:27 UTC  

Thanks @Brunswick

2017-09-22 02:20:05 UTC  

Just a quick heads up to anybody who wants to help out: I'm gonna write up a good Reddit post and put it on r/the_donald at 5:00pm tomorrow. If you guys can help me get the first dozen or so upvotes, it's game over. Thanks.

2017-09-22 02:21:13 UTC  

@PicBoy sure thing, just let us know when you've posted

2017-09-22 02:21:48 UTC  

Thanks @Deleted User, will do

2017-09-22 07:38:58 UTC  

A UCF student found our handy work. Hit that RT

2017-09-22 07:54:15 UTC  

lol @Erika

2017-09-22 07:58:40 UTC  
2017-09-22 08:08:30 UTC  

I had fun with her.

2017-09-22 08:28:25 UTC  

I took the BAP/DrStud approach.

2017-09-22 11:45:11 UTC  

I will mocked her lack of agency displayed by needing help to get off campus.

2017-09-22 15:26:05 UTC  

You guys BTFO'd the shit out of her #bullycide

2017-09-22 17:23:34 UTC  

Hey, I need an upvote brigade to take down that antifa professor in NJ. Can I get some help?

2017-09-22 17:24:28 UTC  

@PicBoy I'm in class now, but I can check it out later

2017-09-22 17:25:43 UTC  

I want to get a few goys organized before posting it so I can get those precious first upvotes

2017-09-22 17:28:18 UTC  

Can one upvote without a reddit account? Probably not, huh?

2017-09-22 17:34:00 UTC  

Nah but it's crazy easy to make a throwaway

2017-09-22 17:34:04 UTC  
2017-09-22 17:46:06 UTC  

im in but I need to know the timing. Also i posted his rate my prof and the admin phone number above.

2017-09-22 17:46:20 UTC  

@missliterallywho You can make one in a second

2017-09-22 17:46:29 UTC  

No email needed

2017-09-22 17:48:00 UTC  

Email is the first thing it's asking for @Deleted User

2017-09-22 17:49:02 UTC  

Don't fill it in

2017-09-22 17:49:12 UTC  

It will still let you through

2017-09-22 17:49:52 UTC  

Oh sweet

2017-09-22 17:53:56 UTC  

Thanks guys. Let's say 3:00. Their phone lines close at 5 and I want them to be ringing off the hook

2017-09-22 17:54:08 UTC  

I'll post the link right here

2017-09-22 17:54:22 UTC  

At 3

2017-09-22 18:02:48 UTC  

@PicBoy What time zone nibba

2017-09-22 18:03:20 UTC  

Whoops. 3pm eastern. One hour from now.