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2019-08-18 18:46:38 UTC  

@Pabl0_Escobar they posted an invite link in <#484513001626664972> you can also use the invite link in the message sheeple sent

2019-08-18 18:46:56 UTC  

Vaccines are cool

2019-08-18 18:47:02 UTC  


2019-08-18 18:47:18 UTC  

This is big

2019-08-18 18:47:52 UTC  

Vaccines are bad, make your kids stronger and put them in the woods alone to hunt. Vaccines makes them weaker by giving them white cells then making them develop it naturally.

2019-08-18 18:48:32 UTC  

*baahs like a sheep cause id rather live than have smallpox bc im not a dumbass*

2019-08-18 18:48:40 UTC  

Based and Genghis Khan pilled

2019-08-18 18:48:59 UTC  

Its the shroom guy

2019-08-18 18:49:07 UTC  

Hey can i buy some

2019-08-18 18:49:07 UTC  

Welcome to the Ice Wall!

2019-08-18 18:49:09 UTC  

BigJohn#0796 LANGUAGE!!!

2019-08-18 18:49:13 UTC  

Riley🍺#6678 LANGUAGE!!!

2019-08-18 18:49:14 UTC  

Yo sheep can't wait to see Ytp's of this

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2019-08-18 18:49:21 UTC  

BigJohn#0796 Stop spamming! This is warning number 2

2019-08-18 18:49:26 UTC  

BigJohn#0796 has been sent to Muted for spamming!

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2019-08-18 18:49:45 UTC  

Ladies and gentlemen 15 mins

2019-08-18 18:49:45 UTC  

@Flat Earth Subgenius @Vosto You're up in 10, bro.

2019-08-18 18:49:59 UTC  

Prepare your arses for the best debate of the 21st century

2019-08-18 18:50:51 UTC  

So many people this is gonna be epic

2019-08-18 18:51:23 UTC  

Flat earth gang

2019-08-18 18:52:00 UTC  

Are the spectators allowed to cheer and clap at certain times

2019-08-18 18:52:16 UTC  


2019-08-18 18:52:22 UTC  

oh boy

2019-08-18 18:52:44 UTC  

cant wait for apes yelling about whats right and wrong lmao

2019-08-18 18:52:46 UTC  


2019-08-18 18:53:03 UTC  

The biggest fight of the century which earth is most superior!
In the one corner we have Globe Earth on the other corner is Flat Earth
Over there is Convace and Simulation Earth!

2019-08-18 18:53:37 UTC  

Cant wait to see ftfe lose

2019-08-18 18:53:53 UTC  


2019-08-18 18:54:16 UTC  

Lol he said it himself that flat earth in youtube algorithm is being censored

2019-08-18 18:54:34 UTC  

Youtube censor almost anything nowadays

2019-08-18 18:54:56 UTC  

True, conservatives and conspiracy theorists are being heavily censored 🤔

2019-08-18 18:55:13 UTC  

The truth cannot be hidden forever.

2019-08-18 18:55:20 UTC  

Many youtubers I follow get censored for mild swearing

2019-08-18 18:55:25 UTC  

is there a key to explain who is who

2019-08-18 18:55:47 UTC  

@Vosto @Deleted User @FTFE wish you the best with the debate lads lol

2019-08-18 18:55:58 UTC  

FTFE is legit the worst spherical Earth representative you could get.

2019-08-18 18:56:02 UTC