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Anyone who is able, drop a response to with regard to this statement by their employee.

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@commonplebe - IN Jesus.... that second one.

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This mostly fell under my radar until I realized it was at a hospital right near me.

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Someone reffered to it as "Genocide Porn"

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Great term

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Get in here

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@Jeb! Nationalism - MD lol at everyone saying repeal the 19th

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Germans posting "It's Ok To Be German" posters now. Front page of T_D:

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Another one that's got enough steam to get to the front page:

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Hijack #RoyalEngagement with #WeWantMosley

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@Deleted User While I realize that isn't technically NS, it could easily be screenshotted to look like it.

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2017-11-27 17:29:42 UTC Jordan Peterson cucks on the JQ by not addressing it at all. This is a "small" channel but a lot of JP's viewers see these videos so let's leave some red pills in the comments

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He is a gate keeper

2017-11-27 17:33:25 UTC  

Patreon-funded cult leader

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His mythology/psychology is good but his takes social issues are generally bad

2017-11-27 17:35:11 UTC  

He recognizes the issues with the Left but his solutions (e.g. muh individualism) are predictably weak.

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Wow that answer is infuriating

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the comment section even more so

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What a joke. I've listened to this guy enough to know that I've read the same psychologly books he has. I doubt his so called 150+ Iq is above 120 with an aswer like that.

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So, if I read a few good books, will people think I'm super smart?

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Disheartening for us, too. What's your point, sista?

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get in the comments section

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Guys, we can totally take this over.

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If you haven't made a Goodreads account, you should. It's really fast and easy.

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These are the rules.

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Looks like it has to be an American Author.