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2017-12-12 11:09:45 UTC  

Get in the comment section and point out that the achievement gap is the result of demographics.

2017-12-12 11:10:07 UTC  

Good article to share with people you are talking to.

2017-12-12 15:23:12 UTC  

Don't forget to dislike

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Capitalist shit, but at least there's no race-mixing. No worse than Coke Polar Bears imo

2017-12-13 16:58:07 UTC  

I made an alt to push this conversation. /r/Conservative is filled with shills and never trumpers, but also right-leaning libertarians and evangelical republican types. I'm trying to innocuously push the conversation they should be having.

2017-12-13 17:53:20 UTC  

nevermind mods blocked it

2017-12-13 18:29:30 UTC  

Jew mods must keep their cuck heard penned

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Isn't r/theDonald literally modded by Israelis now? What a joke.

2017-12-15 17:41:00 UTC  

Man that is an ugly dude

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2017-12-15 20:52:29 UTC  

Enlighten her

2017-12-16 02:37:34 UTC  

Is that a man or woman?

2017-12-16 02:47:07 UTC  

if you have to ask that question you know the answer

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2017-12-16 03:14:23 UTC  

@Brunswicklmao that was actually an honest question. What the hell is an Anand

2017-12-16 03:14:48 UTC  

Sounds like a character from a degenerate Anne Rice gay vampire book

2017-12-16 04:29:50 UTC  

Shall we enlighten these cucks?

2017-12-16 19:39:44 UTC  

Can someone give me a little advice. My primary Facebook account is locked for 30 days I've still got three weeks on it. I set up a second sock account and it lasted about 2 and 1/2 days and they took it down saying something about multiple accounts and or harassing Behavior. The second account I made with a Google Voice number and email I have associated with one of my Twitter accounts. I try to set up a third account this morning and was trying to use a Google Voice number and it kept trying to delete the first number so I cant get the second Google Voice number so I used a new email for the Facebook account. As soon as I got it set up and started friending people they shut my account and said they had to verify my picture. I don't know how they are tying me to these other accounts if I'm using different emails and numbers any suggestions

2017-12-16 19:44:32 UTC  

IP address?

2017-12-16 19:46:55 UTC  
2017-12-16 19:49:10 UTC  

I wonder if there is a way to mask it

2017-12-16 19:50:20 UTC  

you could use a VPN or even just find a proxy, but using a proxy like that will be a huge pain and you'd have to do it each time. VPN is your best bet, or the library.

2017-12-16 19:51:44 UTC  

Faceberg also has insane facial recognition features, so if you're using pictures of yourself, even ones you've never posted before, it will recognize you. there's no way around that.

2017-12-16 19:52:28 UTC  

I never thought about the library LOL. I'll follow a guy on Twitter who goes by the handle of di joo di and I seen him go through three accounts in one day I don't know how he does it. I'll check into the VPN. Yeah i go through and find pictures online and screenshot them and send them in. I don't know if they can catch that or not

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2017-12-16 19:56:08 UTC  

They can catch it.

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2017-12-17 01:04:40 UTC  

Spicci told me how he does it in dm once. Its a website that generates temporary numbers. Djd and Spicci go through accounts like crazy

2017-12-17 01:05:41 UTC  

I am banned atm myself from both fb and twitter. I just dont have the free time to waste on it till after the holidays

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2017-12-17 03:56:52 UTC  

@Deleted User you can connect to Facebook over TOR in a way untraceable to Facebook using their onion address facebookcorewwwi.onion

2017-12-17 03:57:18 UTC  

Just download the Tor browser for your computer and mobile

2017-12-17 05:56:37 UTC  

>yfw police use that video for felon in possession of firearm charges