Message from Jacob - TX in Nice Respectable People Group #cyberstrike

2018-01-16 20:32:01 UTC  

Downvote cuck comments, upvote /our guys/

2018-01-16 20:37:13 UTC  

@everyone ^

2018-01-16 20:38:05 UTC  

Le upboated xD

2018-01-16 20:39:00 UTC  

Ive been in that comment section since the video went up. We need more men in here.

2018-01-16 20:39:34 UTC  

Cucks everywhere

2018-01-16 20:39:55 UTC  

I'll hop in to downvote and upvote. I use my Reddit account for business lol

2018-01-16 20:48:59 UTC

2018-01-16 20:49:02 UTC  

Added a comment

2018-01-16 20:53:18 UTC  

Whoever posted the video and continues to respond to cucks is doing an excellent job, by the way.

2018-01-16 20:54:41 UTC  

@wayne peek there's like ten comments

2018-01-16 20:55:03 UTC  

on youtube

2018-01-16 20:55:20 UTC  

Oh. My bad. @wayne peek

2018-01-16 20:55:56 UTC  


2018-01-16 20:56:03 UTC  


2018-01-16 21:23:07 UTC  

If anyone wants to post IE stuff into r/debatealtright, please contact me at u/cromerax beforehand so I can review it to ensure good optics.

2018-01-16 21:49:12 UTC  

here's some ridiculous antifa telling a very silly story (I was there)

2018-01-16 21:56:07 UTC  

they hoot and holler about confronting "nazis" when there was like 3 of them just staring at us and not speaking ... such cowards when out numbered but how big their balls are when they outnumber us

2018-01-16 21:57:09 UTC  

the funny thing is that right after the exchange they post on video some normal woman in her 50s or so I'd guess came around and was shouting at them for disrespecting the flag and stuff 😃 👍

2018-01-16 22:42:40 UTC  

>be antifa
>have balls

there can only be one

2018-01-17 00:23:59 UTC  

Antifa girls have balls

2018-01-17 00:29:39 UTC  

@Wotan Klan-GA but are the balls feminine?

2018-01-17 00:32:02 UTC  

These are the real questions we need to be asking. 🤔

2018-01-18 15:18:28 UTC  

@Robtheroman Your propo is off the charts bruh

2018-01-18 19:51:57 UTC  

Poe was a rampant racist, so either is fine lol

2018-01-18 19:52:11 UTC  

Oh wait that was Lovecraft sorry haha

2018-01-18 21:02:57 UTC  

"Why do we want all these people from shithole countries coming here?"

2018-01-18 21:03:23 UTC we can thank VICE's fair and impartial coverage of us by spamming their secure drop Tor site

2018-01-19 02:33:38 UTC  

This video deserves a big huge fat thumbs down

2018-01-19 02:34:28 UTC  

Proof that even blacks on the right side of the bell curve can't engage in abstract thought. It's annoying. I've agreed with a lot of her videos in the past.

2018-01-19 02:36:29 UTC  

I thumb downded it

2018-01-19 02:45:05 UTC  

It's real bad. She had a couple valid points, but other that that, it's just a bunch of strawmaning and her being mad online.

2018-01-19 03:01:57 UTC  

Her debate with Enoch was kind of a flop. She thinks we blame joos too much and it's really all our fault. And DAMN that woman is loud.

2018-01-19 03:04:35 UTC  

One time I went to a movie in LA. Audience was all Black people. They we're so loud I couldn't hear the movie. They shouted at the screen.

2018-01-19 03:19:34 UTC  

@EricG well, she's a Zionist, so that's why she thinks we complain about the Jews too much. And I'll even concede that the TRS characature of Jews and the JQ is pretty off putting most of the times, but really, where's the lie? Lol yeah. Blacks are loud.

2018-01-19 03:24:00 UTC  

@Brunswick I would avoid shilling on any chans.

2018-01-19 03:27:48 UTC  

Alright then

2018-01-19 05:14:33 UTC
Good video to post some redpills. Essentially, Thom is admitting that people only move for their own benefit without realizing it

2018-01-20 05:19:03 UTC  

Give this some love: IE Banner in Baltimore

2018-01-20 05:31:14 UTC  

Let's get the shill brigade in here!