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Lots of deleted comments

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My post about the banner drop in Dearborn, MI.

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Signed- everyone share this petition.

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👆 Anonymized link to my Reddit thread. Let's get an upvote brigade in here.

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I think the mods got that one right away

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What did the mods get?

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Damn, I can't upvote, been banned from the_Donald

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lol make a new account

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I'm trying to get some traffic to this page. Not done with it, but if everyone can click on it, please do

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oh I thought you meant my Reddit thread and I got scared

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Nice article

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Wikipedia doesn't have a page on Hate Facts, so I think we can get this page to the front page of google

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This allows us to control the narrative on this topic.

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Another kvetching video from local media.

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Substantially worse than the first one.

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lol that's the 4th one

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Signed, twice.

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This is currently one of the top posts on reddit. It has tons of comments being deleted but there are many implicitly pro white comments. It might be a good idea to go dm these people or post links to IE or post statistics about white displacement (ex. "this will happen in the US and Europe soon"). I'm banned from posting on r/worldnews or I'd join you.

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Right now would be a ideal time for us to start getting people on "the_Donald" things are blowing up there and people are angry at Trump. We could use this to direct them towards us. Just a thought.

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Get Sam Harris to talk to or debate Grandpa Jared. The same moral sentiments used by the Christian Right against atheism have now been coopted by the "Centerist Left" in an attempt to push US out of the zeitgeist. Hypocrisy by Jews, who knew...

2018-03-03 01:57:19 UTC  

The line should be: if Sam Harris is afraid morally to talk to somebody he is operating with the same morals as some preacher who will not debate an atheist because of beliefs held on faith.

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*[Couldn't get the url to work without having to link to Twitter]*

**"Trump has requested your input on 32 important questions."**

Check out @GOP’s Tweet:

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ignore that. I've done stuff on that website and it just sends you emails asking for donations. I don't think they even look at this. Call the whitehouse if you want to give input.

2018-03-03 15:03:37 UTC  

The framing of these questions is a clue they already know how you feel/how they want you to respond. This has been a fundraising technique for them since 2016.

2018-03-03 20:24:30 UTC  

Apparently the Dean of Students Allan (((GOLDSTEIN))) won’t take any action against blacks being racist towards whites. Of course it’s Rebel so they won’t mention any coincidences. Go and drop some red pills in the comments y’all! @here

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Molyneux is asking for suggestions as to who he should have on the show: