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2018-03-04 02:24:34 UTC  

whenever people call him on it, he acts like he has no idea what they're talking about. I had a shitty single mother too. Not as shitty. But he is creepy about it.

2018-03-04 02:26:01 UTC  

He seems to genuinely love his daughter, though.

2018-03-04 02:28:49 UTC  

Sorry to hear that! About your mom, I mean.
Well, at least people don't stick around his cult forever. He's more of a pass-through.

2018-03-04 02:29:43 UTC  

True. He's an asset for sure. Where are you from in PA? I was born outside of Philly and lived there until I was 8.

2018-03-04 02:35:58 UTC  

I'll DM you. :)

2018-03-04 02:50:30 UTC  

his mom was a jew

2018-03-04 02:50:39 UTC  

for what it's worth

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And then there's this trash that A&E is premiering next week, it looks like.

2018-03-04 03:27:28 UTC  

The discussion in here instead of <#358403210618339338> is triggering 😬

2018-03-04 03:33:52 UTC  

@Erika the white kid in that looks like derrick vineyards little brother from american history x haha

2018-03-04 03:36:58 UTC  

Let's take this to general

2018-03-04 14:21:24 UTC  

A post on the r/The_Donald subreddit regarding the ADL "online hate index" and how the subreddit will likely become a target as a result.

Uses normie friendly language but gets across the point of who exactly is being targeted by this program.

I think it would help to bump it up and get some more red pilling topics in the comments.

2018-03-04 16:17:03 UTC  

This is a local bar owner that we know. He got doxxed for donating to david duke and there was a big media thing and his employees walked out. He reopened now and is happy but the libs are leaving one star reviews. He's asking us to push his numbers back up.

2018-03-04 16:28:26 UTC  

5 starred.

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Same here

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Done! Gave 5 Star and a long positive reveiw

2018-03-04 23:39:32 UTC  

Done. I'm a Google certified Local guide, but not for that area.

2018-03-05 00:28:11 UTC  

5 starred.

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Just joined the 5 Star Movement

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5 starred!

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5 stars sent! Best of luck

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done and done. hope this guy continues to do well

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@Joe-MN i put 5 stars on Google but it looks like he was taking a beating on Yelp too so I 5 star reviewed over there too. You need to download the app for yelp, but what’s 5 minutes if we can keep this man in business ?

2018-03-05 12:12:14 UTC  

Do your thing if you still have twitter. Good dudes.

2018-03-05 18:28:24 UTC  

Ben Shapiro is asked about his Jewish identity politics. Downvote & attack the comment section.

2018-03-05 18:30:56 UTC  

And here is the (much popular) source video. Wouldn't hurt to make a presence here as well.

2018-03-05 18:31:41 UTC  

Release the hounds and downvote this conspiratard. So close, yet so far away.

2018-03-06 07:39:07 UTC  

Please RT this so that we can get enough traffic on this page to get it to the top of google.

2018-03-06 07:40:46 UTC  

Also, please share it anywhere else you can think of.

2018-03-06 16:57:52 UTC  

@Deleted User Nice work. Just a heads up, under Examples the first "Example A" is misspelled "Axample"

2018-03-06 17:16:32 UTC  

@Sonic Thanks!

2018-03-06 19:08:52 UTC
Please leave a comment calling into question the totally insane and false implication that this was political, genuine, or related to our activist group.

2018-03-06 21:44:25 UTC cringe anarchy will diffuse this propaganda to their other arguments, it needs a few upvotes to get going though