Message from FACINEMA in Nice Respectable People Group #cyberstrike

2018-10-14 21:38:50 UTC  

what's the name of the guy behind SOS Med? is he actually European? who funds them?

2018-10-14 21:39:04 UTC  

I'd drop those in the comments if possible, TD mods have me banned from commenting unfortunately

2018-10-14 21:39:54 UTC  

dude is named Klaus Vogel, Klaus sounds legit Vogel sounds german/dutch/askenazi, depending on translation

2018-10-14 22:59:23 UTC  

Everyone downvote him

2018-10-14 23:29:13 UTC  

Tolerant Fellow was just just banned on Twitter for having NPC in his name

2018-10-15 00:08:51 UTC  

Time to change me name back. ☹️

2018-10-17 16:56:02 UTC  

Let’s de- ratio the TODAY show’s tweet by liking and retweeting

2018-10-17 16:58:33 UTC  

The video is up to 100,000 views, and millions on TV!

2018-10-17 17:04:19 UTC  

A bit over 4 million, to be specific

2018-10-17 17:40:09 UTC  

we are growing stronger

2018-10-17 18:51:53 UTC  

More likes and retweets please, hoping Steve King will respond

2018-10-17 23:18:14 UTC  

@everyone Social validation and it's converse, social stigmatization are a powerful thing. @Reinhard Wolff smashed his interview out of the park and is absolutely dominating in his responses on twitter. Scroll through his responses of the day and "like" his tweets and replies. A good "ratio" against our detractors is a social indicator to hard working MAGA whites on the fence about affirmative white identity that our ideas are acceptable and popular, as well as a demoralizing blow to our opponents.

It takes two minutes and will make a bigger difference than you think

2018-10-17 23:23:08 UTC  

very important that we own Thernovich

2018-10-18 00:06:05 UTC  

@Deleted User if you're wondering how to do twitter, this is a good example

2018-10-18 00:06:14 UTC  

If anyone is actually depressed that Cernovich is taking a stand against Casey and by extension us, remember he has admitted to having intercourse with a tranny

2018-10-18 00:06:56 UTC  

@John Bud - IL thanks for the advice, John.

2018-10-18 00:07:35 UTC  

where did cernobitch come out against patrick?

2018-10-18 00:08:29 UTC  


2018-10-18 00:21:06 UTC  

Cernovich is nothing more than a salesman for his brand. That's all...all the time. He bounces from redhot topic to redhot topic and piggybacks it for personal gain.

2018-10-18 00:44:46 UTC  

@FACINEMA I believe he bragged about doing that

2018-10-18 00:45:00 UTC  

@Logan He did

2018-10-18 01:23:22 UTC  

Isn’t he part of the tribe?

2018-10-18 05:17:25 UTC  

IE NBC interview, give it some upvote love:

2018-10-19 06:35:36 UTC  

cernovich is a trashy shill, he's only a little bit more than a shill than molyneux

2018-10-19 06:40:29 UTC  


2018-10-19 12:10:55 UTC  

I don't like lisps either, rofl

2018-10-19 12:11:15 UTC  

I don't know how anyone unironically enjoys that content

2018-10-19 12:12:03 UTC  

Never trust any net personality that makes it a brag to show off their profits by brandishing hundreds in a fan

2018-10-19 18:13:34 UTC  
2018-10-19 18:17:17 UTC  

Step 1: "It's abusive or harmful."
Step 2: "Includes private information."
Step 3: "Someone else."

2018-10-20 17:42:38 UTC  
2018-10-20 23:45:28 UTC  

Report for threat of violence

2018-10-21 04:16:00 UTC  

Frame Game got shoahed!

2018-10-21 04:50:42 UTC  

@John Smith I think his account is just protected, bud

2018-10-21 04:50:48 UTC