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@BlackMetalWitch is he from orange county?

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I SWEAR TO GOD IM GONNA SEND people to talk to him

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GO ahead. Never liked that cuck anyway

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:::calling the alt right support hotline:::

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one of his favorite memes was Pepe

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This makes me sad inside ^

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Key word: WAS

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He's the kid @Templar-CA I told you was shit talking Chris Kyle being like, "Yeah, but he killed women and children when he was in Iraq,"

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You've been here for a month and are usually active @BlackMetalWitch, so I think you should get trusted by now.

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@Verm I’m a lot closer to natsoc than I am to libertarianism

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Sieg Heil Viktoria mein Bruder 😃

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indeed, my differences with natsoc tend to be in the opposite direction from libertarianism

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#NazBol #LiquidatePhariseeOligarchs #LiquidateGentileOligarchs

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Gonna post this everyday til we come up with a final solution for the mudslime problem. Why do dead Syrian children deserve a military response, but we ignore the deaths of our own people.

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Preach, my man! 👐

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not sending their best

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She was so freaking adorable too 😦

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if you’re going to have a political system, you can’t just blame greed for its failure

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every system can fail becasue of greed

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you need to account for it and keep greed from destroying it

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this is why I despise all the stupid folk who say, ‘communism is great in theory and bad in practice’

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I basically just told him that.

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I mean, the solution may be to kill lots of rebellious people, but you have to have the balls to admit that

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ding ding!

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and YOU CAN ONLY KILL SO MANY PEOPLE BEFORE.... people arent afraid of death anymore