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2019-01-20 16:09:26 UTC they’re Facebook links but two of the first I saw this am. It’s everywhere and beyond pathetic

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The shooting lie -> Gillette -> the coventry kids. They are firing on all cylinders and we need our people to know they are not alone and that it is time to wake up.

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I can’t share the link but watch this video - it’s a full 10 minute video of the 5 black guys harassing the boys before the Indian walks up and video tapes the entire thing. Great watch and great to share if you can figure out how

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Open comments

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All of a sudden, the left cares about veterans. <:really:453005408064241674>

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As long as they’re not white they do

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@everyone as always ✔️ the posts that you hit.

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Thanks for the video @Asatru Artist - MD

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I actually can’t believe this is a thing. I’m arguing with one boomer on Fb now but I’m debating how deep I wanna go bc I might actually have a stroke

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do you have videos of the kids actually chanting build the wall??? and videos of them being harassed? I’ve only found the video of Philips approaching them

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full video

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@Stephanie twitter has good clips and what not

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Meme war 2020 is going to be lit

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I posted this in <#481597551272001546> earlier this morning, but reposting here since we're doing all links

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Some guy starts beating a drum in your face, what do you do?

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Seriously, how else should they have handled that. This guy with the drum made the first move.

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I’m pretty sure shitlibs think you should just grovel in shame at the sight of an Indian.

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That’s a decent post with vid showing relevant hate quote by native Americans

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Covington Catholic High School
1600 Dixie Highway
Covington, Kentucky 41011-2797

(859) 491-2247


Principal: Mr. Bob Rowe
Email: [email protected]

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Real momentum on this situation. NRO took down article attacking the students. Jake Tapper RT’d article from Reason defending the students as well.

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He’s a Rep from Kentucky, good to see

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The replies to that are a nice change to the calls to violence, and any reply saying the kids were in the wrong is getting ratio'd already

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Yessss thank God

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And then there’s this guy.

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@Fred X - NJ who is the other guy? Please get both their phone numbers if you can.

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There’s a tweet a few posts up 👆🏼

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Thomas Massie

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He’s the guy supporting the kids

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John Yarmuth is the leftist hero trying to guillotine the good boys. Can’t find a phone number on the site

2019-01-20 23:58:23 UTC  

Disregard. The phone numbers are at the bottom of the webpage but in the same font color as the background