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Mike "You like Rimjobs? I like cattle prods" Pence

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thank you based Assad

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We need these guys to raid an island in the black sea and to establish their own country

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Anticom Assadium refineries when

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Why not raid the Vatican and claim it for ourselves?

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The Swiss Guard probably doesn't even have AAA

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Why not blow up the Vatican and blame it on the muslim brotherhood?

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gotta think like the jew if you want to defeat them

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What do you think is in the Vatican's archives?

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Nothing of value

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Your mum

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pope memes

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Your mum is feeding ME TENDIES NOW!

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What did he mean by this?

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Holy shit the alt right militia has everybody

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Nazi's, terrorists, and more

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Do they have memes though?

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Do the memes rise?

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What if the altright is actually behind the Jews as well?

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>what if this entire meme war is just recruiting for the real jews

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>what if we are the jews?

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Little do people know, but everything we know is made of Jews.

Inside cables there are hundreds of tiny Jews 'high-fiving' each other and running around swapping messages. This transfer of messages allows things to work, e.g. the Jews in a plug socket tell the Jews in the wire, who eventually tell the Jews in (say) a kettle to fart in the water allowing it to boil.

Atoms are in fact minuscule Jews, all holding hands and feet etc together to form an intricate web from which nearly everything in the universe is comprised. Radioactivity occurs when a rebel Jew is catapulted by his friends from their structure. Should this Jew come into contact with the Jews from our body, he will offer them gold, thus making the local area either benign or malignant. Either way, just read: cancerous.

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So what are Jews themselves made up of? Surely they're not at the bottom of life, the universe and everything? They are in fact comprised of billions of even smaller Jews, known as super-Jews. They, in turn, are made up of billions of even smaller Jews known as hyper-Jews. Hyper Jews are the fundamental building blocks of everything. Though no one, to be honest, can yet be absolutely sure. Least of all, Jews themselves.

>Black Hole
So are Black Holes made of Jews too? In the very center of a Black Hole, it is theorized that there is a Jew filled with so much greed, that it has the power to bend space and time (which are made of Jews) in such a way that everything around itself gets sucked into the hands of the ultimate Jew.

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Good pasta t b h

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>Everything is fractal jews

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give /nsg/ a bump btw

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I aint clickin the 4chan link

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Imma wait till april 4th