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2017-09-23 17:08:21 UTC  

Fashy Haircut sent me some links to posters by American Renaissance

2017-09-23 17:08:52 UTC  

AmRen puts out some 🔥 🔥 🔥

2017-09-23 17:19:38 UTC  

That looks good. I was against postering maps but that's changed my mind

2017-09-23 17:51:44 UTC  
2017-09-23 17:53:56 UTC  

@Deleted User the maps are some of the best places to poster. Obviously not a bulletin board, but if someone looks at the map, they'll no doubt see the poster. I also think it's a bit symbolic in saying "Yeah, we exist on this campus. Get used to it."

2017-09-23 18:04:50 UTC  

The rabbit photo has been a hit with the ladies.

2017-09-23 18:28:39 UTC  

@Scrummy Got some day photos at GA Tech

2017-09-23 18:28:39 UTC

2017-09-23 18:28:50 UTC

2017-09-23 18:29:18 UTC

2017-09-23 18:29:44 UTC  

Would have had more but antifa got to them. Luckily we had a few extra

2017-09-23 18:30:27 UTC  

@Wotan Klan-GA great job dude, these are what we are looking for 👏🏻

2017-09-23 18:30:59 UTC  

My pleasure, anytime my man

2017-09-23 18:32:33 UTC  

Really proud of everyone's agency this semester. The pics of activism have been great and really does makes waves on social media. I get DMs and comments inquiring about membership nearly everyday.

2017-09-23 18:33:42 UTC  

Thats heartening, glad to know the posters are working

2017-09-23 23:08:45 UTC  


2017-09-23 23:15:47 UTC  

@The Soy Goy fuck yes

2017-09-23 23:29:00 UTC  

Great job @The Soy Goy

2017-09-23 23:29:31 UTC  

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2017-09-23 23:52:47 UTC  

Thanks fam

2017-09-24 03:55:42 UTC  

@The Soy Goy Great work!

2017-09-24 03:56:18 UTC  

Really! Huge win for us!

2017-09-24 04:21:55 UTC  

@The Soy Goy

That is legit awesome. Great work!

2017-09-24 06:58:57 UTC  

@Deleted User name of college and city/state?

2017-09-24 06:59:43 UTC  

that was nova community college annandale campus in virginia

2017-09-24 07:02:19 UTC  

Awesome ty

2017-09-24 18:37:36 UTC  

Do we have photos from yesterday's activity in DC?

2017-09-24 19:03:53 UTC  
2017-09-24 19:05:17 UTC  

Yes we do

2017-09-24 19:12:25 UTC  
2017-09-24 19:12:56 UTC  


2017-09-24 19:30:56 UTC  

Please tag me in the photos from yesterday so I can put on social media @everyone

2017-09-24 20:09:30 UTC  

I have a zip of all of em and Matthias has the good ones

2017-09-24 20:10:03 UTC  

Driving home now also have a mediafire link if you want em

2017-09-24 20:10:33 UTC  

If you want I can just dump em all here

2017-09-24 20:11:07 UTC  

Up to the boss man

2017-09-24 20:15:25 UTC  
2017-09-24 20:20:08 UTC