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2017-09-25 19:24:35 UTC

2017-09-25 19:24:57 UTC  

@Deleted User Awesome work, man!

2017-09-25 19:24:57 UTC  

Lobojg it

2017-09-25 19:24:59 UTC  


2017-09-25 19:25:05 UTC  

@Scrummy Sac State

2017-09-25 19:25:07 UTC  

Especially that last one!!

2017-09-25 19:25:13 UTC  

Thank you sir

2017-09-25 19:25:17 UTC  


2017-09-25 19:26:53 UTC  

Great photos!

2017-09-25 19:26:55 UTC  

Good job

2017-09-25 19:29:02 UTC  

@Themistocles thanks man!

2017-09-26 01:27:56 UTC  

@everyone have those of you who recieved packages been using the business cards? I would love some feedback.

2017-09-26 01:28:27 UTC  

I have handed some out to those that have conversed with me yes

2017-09-26 01:29:11 UTC  

I mainly just spread them out around tables and libraries on campuses

2017-09-26 01:29:22 UTC  

Oh, nice @Themistocles

2017-09-26 01:29:38 UTC  

Tables are great places

2017-09-26 01:29:56 UTC  

Yes we also had left a few in strategic spots as well

2017-09-26 01:30:05 UTC  

Also, in the libraries at the colleges you hit

2017-09-26 01:30:20 UTC  

I had heard some putting them in as bookmarks ?

2017-09-26 01:30:32 UTC  

I leave them wherever I can

2017-09-26 01:30:34 UTC  

I didn't pass any out to people I spread around tables and such. Saving some for next outing to out in books at libraries

2017-09-26 01:30:38 UTC  

i go to the library about once a week. could drop some of the buisness card there

2017-09-26 01:30:41 UTC  

On the bookshelves, not in the books

2017-09-26 01:30:48 UTC  

Ah ok

2017-09-26 01:30:57 UTC  

I put them up and have given a few out, i think the red pill cards that have resources are better int hat they have a larger scope, whereas not everyone is ready for IE or fits the aesthetic. They are more crypto than the red pill cards which is good though. I think they look fine. I gave a few out to people with rebel flags or fashy looking goys

2017-09-26 01:30:59 UTC  

I keep some in my wallet just in case

2017-09-26 01:31:10 UTC  

@Deleted User do you still have some?

2017-09-26 01:31:10 UTC  

I think they're great

2017-09-26 01:31:29 UTC  

@Deleted User i just got my package this weekend.

2017-09-26 01:31:35 UTC  


2017-09-26 01:31:42 UTC  

Hit the college first

2017-09-26 01:32:19 UTC  

already catching up with fellow nNV guys to do just that

2017-09-26 01:32:26 UTC  


2017-09-26 01:32:35 UTC  

How many of you are there now?

2017-09-26 01:33:12 UTC  

peter and I seem to be the only 2 up here right now. though if any nCA guys that want to come to Lake Tahoe we would join up.

2017-09-26 01:33:37 UTC  

Cards are how I'm here now thanks to @Punished Ajax he handed me the red pill card at a rally and it's been a long journey since. So I say they are a great asset.

2017-09-26 01:58:03 UTC  

Anyone serious about recruiting should get cards. They're cheap and help a lot, especially if you add a way for them to contact you

2017-09-26 01:59:25 UTC  

Any word on if the Ohio State pictures will be tweeted out? Been a couple weeks and we wanted to tweet at the school newspaper

2017-09-26 02:55:27 UTC  

@Deleted User i wanted toorder cards but i'm having trouble figuring out how. I made an account at Vista but I don't know where to get the link for the red pill cards so that I can order them. I may not be understanding how to go about it. Could you help me out with any of info you have

2017-09-26 02:57:44 UTC  

I did mine at a local busines, but they ended up being very expensive. I haven't actually used Vistaprint yet either

2017-09-26 02:58:45 UTC  

What did you use as a template? Did you take in a card and have them scan it or did you use a link from the server