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Great sign! Thanks for all the hard work!

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Great stuff!

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Nicely done.

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Thanks everyone! It was a lot of fun, we heard people beeping their horn before we even made it down from the overpass. Hopefully this makes the news since a college nearby that one of us sieged not too long ago hired a “diversity officer” 😂

2017-11-12 19:25:18 UTC  

"am I being detained, diversity officer?"

2017-11-13 00:25:41 UTC  

Our banner drop re-deux is tomorrow morning.

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🎶*nothings gonna stop us now*🎶

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>>> <#358403210618339338>

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Banner is dropped! Oklahoma City.

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Today marks the 110th anniversary of Oklahoma's entry into the union as the 46th state. Identity Evropa activists in Stillwater, OK remember David L Payne, who is considered to be the Father of Oklahoma. A Civil War veteran, American Indian Wars veteran, and a pioneer, Captain Payne's grassroots activism, by means of public speaking, recruiting, and battling the federal courts opened up the territory to settlement for our people.

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Credit to @Deleted User for tolerating my autism and getting this done on very short notice.

2017-11-17 00:41:17 UTC  

Great job

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Great event to celebrate!

2017-11-17 10:59:34 UTC  

Is there any way you can get pictures during the day time?

2017-11-18 17:45:22 UTC  

Benjamin Franklin said what?

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#dasDeutschhaus Indianapolis

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Lol very nice

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Just be careful with monuments.

2017-11-18 17:50:07 UTC  

Careful with monuments aye. Mischief maker copies.

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Das Deutsche Haus! 👌🏻

2017-11-18 22:11:43 UTC  

Florida IE members making banners for our drop next week

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Didn't get any pictures unfortunately but two of our goys here flyers the UCF campus the other week

2017-11-18 23:59:05 UTC  

Very nice.

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Busy walkway on a bridge

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@Mark Vandal Looks great!

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@Mark Vandal looks so amazing.

2017-11-20 00:16:47 UTC  

We are losing Texas, great work!

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The President’s building at Mississippi State. More spread around heavy foot traffic areas on campus

2017-11-20 15:21:57 UTC  

Colorado just did a seige in Boulder and Denver.
Where do we send a photo dump?

I woke up before Dawn to get the Boulder ones. A beautiful campus. But I forgot about the no verticle rule. Is that a hard rule? Some of my best ones were verticle.