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2017-12-09 00:42:05 UTC  

Light hiking boots are a good option. Multi-terrain outsole is what i usually go for. And they look good with cargo pants, especially in brown.

2017-12-09 00:49:24 UTC  

I like trail shoes for running as well.

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Best boots for all purpose. Look good in work clothes, casual, or dressed up. Plus very light comfortable and tough.

2017-12-09 03:01:58 UTC  

Those are classy

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@FivePointPalm I have those same shoes, they do look nice with a good pair of jeans

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IE boys in Colorado hiked the Manitou Springs Incline this morning. 2,000’ gain in 1 mile. Great hike!

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Put up 30 but it was dark out, these are the best ones from the lot

2017-12-10 00:58:32 UTC  

That "antifa zone nazis gtfo" was an "it's okay to be white" poster I put up a while ago

2017-12-10 00:58:53 UTC  

Quality work!

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2017-12-10 01:36:26 UTC  

Let's see if they dare mark out Kate's poster

2017-12-10 03:55:17 UTC  

@JesseJames that actually would be a good black pill for people. Put out Kate's signs, take pictures, go back two weeks later and take another picture of the ones that are marked out from the same position. That'd be a powerful meme. Poison a lot of normies against the opposition

2017-12-10 04:07:09 UTC  

If we could prove antifa did it ya it would.

2017-12-10 04:10:10 UTC  

@JesseJames that would be optimal, but just having it defaced would still be something we should take advantage of. At worst we'd be demonstrating "you think this is BS. We do to. We have that belief in common." Building commonality and shared views little by little is critical.

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@Temujen I agree. Most if America would see the defacement of this as disgusting. Even if you don't know who did it... people may start asked ng themselves who WOULD

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2017-12-10 05:32:07 UTC  

Seems like it'd be a good practice to get into on these Kate posters. They're the right vehicle. Better take this conversation to general though.

2017-12-10 05:41:13 UTC  

I ended up doing some in Cheney before I left

2017-12-10 20:38:34 UTC  

Would be nice to link to somewhere with more info. Average normie won’t recognize Kate

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The Florida crew doing great work as always

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Love it

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Really love it,very nice

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That's beautiful

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Fantastic work.

2017-12-11 19:57:39 UTC  

I really like the teal background on the top.

2017-12-11 20:00:42 UTC  

Put up a Kate Steinle flyer on this DACA event sign here in Nashville. They were taking portraits of DACAs and making a mural.

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Excellent Work