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2018-02-25 23:11:37 UTC  

No, I'm worried that we'll run out of colleges at this rate. I still have a ton of fliers.

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2018-02-25 23:15:25 UTC  

Incredible dedication @Valaska ! We all applaud you. Colorado will be sieged relentlessly and become the capital of the ethnostate.

2018-02-25 23:30:53 UTC  

@Deleted User if you run out of colleges, I would recommend taking any business or promo cards you have and putting them in books in bookstores or libraries.

2018-02-25 23:31:15 UTC  

then, take any fliers and post them in high traffic areas like downtown.

2018-02-25 23:32:14 UTC  

We still have a lot of community colleges left, but I think we've gotten all the major universities in the state at this point.

2018-02-25 23:36:38 UTC  

@Deleted User I'm not sure how others feel about sieging a 2nd time but I'd say hit them again! Keep the pressure on and remain present. If any goys choose to I can always aid with layout tips.

2018-02-25 23:38:08 UTC  

If you're that high energy, think about something else. Ever done a banner?

2018-02-25 23:38:40 UTC  

We're working on a banner and it's almost finished

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2018-02-26 00:16:12 UTC  

@Deleted User @Valaska
Gentlemen, I salute you. ✋🏼

2018-02-26 00:56:38 UTC  

Thank @Valaska for his service.

2018-02-26 03:25:00 UTC  

@Valaska 👍

2018-02-26 03:34:44 UTC  

@Valaska Well done! You are an asset to us all.

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Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO

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2018-02-27 03:16:58 UTC  

@Valaska You should do a project SIEGE workshop.

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UW - Tacoma, WA

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2018-02-27 06:39:42 UTC  

Well done!

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Amazing optics on that one! Bravo!

2018-02-27 07:33:34 UTC  

How can one man, be so BASED?

2018-02-27 07:38:37 UTC  

Washington is getting hit hard

2018-02-27 15:23:37 UTC  

Mfw have desire to siege but no siege material

2018-02-27 16:45:31 UTC  

Great work bro @Jason - CT

2018-02-27 19:22:13 UTC  

@Deleted User for anyone else in this boat, contact your coordinator. Unless you live 2 hours away it's his job to get them to you. If you are way out in the woods your coordinator can mail it to you.

2018-02-27 21:58:37 UTC  

My wife and I went to the oldest cemetery in Memphis and paid respect to CSA and American Vets. We didn’t bring nearly enough flags. It was more of a personal outing than an IE one but I wanted to dump some photos here. @Deleted User feel free to post on Twitter

2018-02-27 21:59:01 UTC  

Cool. Let's see em

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