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2018-04-11 01:01:23 UTC  

@Chillbro Swaggins-CA @Deleted User do you have any pics that are straight on that we can use for cyber strike?

2018-04-11 01:01:33 UTC  

Great job btw!

2018-04-11 01:06:35 UTC  

I dont think so actually. Is that something you are looking for us to get now? @Prestor John

2018-04-11 01:13:27 UTC  

I left school awhile ago, it was a 30 minute drive. I could get them tomorrow

2018-04-11 01:16:00 UTC  
2018-04-11 01:17:01 UTC  

@Deleted User yeah try to get them tomorrow if you can. @Chillbro Swaggins-CA yes we are 'reporting ourselves' to media outlets as concerned citizens.

2018-04-11 01:18:27 UTC  

Actually, I have one that may work.

2018-04-11 01:18:36 UTC  

Dm me

2018-04-11 01:20:00 UTC  

That’s extremely big brained and 6d chess of us.

2018-04-11 01:24:31 UTC  

CyberStrike Gangangang

2018-04-11 01:25:10 UTC  

@everyone reminder to take then DM me a couple sloppy head on pics of your flyers. The kind if pics a regular student would take to show the flyer to their friends. 3 -5 unique pics will get you more press coverage and give your flyering more reach. Also a general location and landmark helps ie Thompson Hall by the Panda Express.

2018-04-11 01:25:33 UTC  

Catapulting the propaganda, to quote Dubya

2018-04-11 01:27:11 UTC  

“We will fool them once then fool them again then shame them some too” - IE Cyber Strike Dubya

2018-04-11 02:44:51 UTC  

@EzraPound2.0 why did you delete your question

2018-04-11 02:44:57 UTC  

I had a response all written up

2018-04-11 02:45:03 UTC  

Oh sorry

2018-04-11 02:45:13 UTC  

I moved it over to general.

2018-04-11 03:23:22 UTC  

awesome work!

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2018-04-11 03:27:03 UTC  

alright Minnesota here, with @Hyphenstein and I out postering, we are ready to be bullied >_<

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2018-04-11 03:27:18 UTC

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2018-04-11 03:28:20 UTC  

Eh we tried - our ones on campus get ripped down all the time by Antifa because we have such a strong Antifa presence that we put our posters up in the college neighborhood where all the students live instead. We have been doing it the last couple weeks.

2018-04-11 03:29:51 UTC  

Great work guys 👍 I think the pictures came out great

2018-04-11 03:30:11 UTC  

do you have any pictures with stickers by any chance? For variety's sake

2018-04-11 03:36:02 UTC  

We do not have any sticker ones, I put some sticker ones up in the park two weeks ago, and they were still there the other day when I was there, but it was late and dark so there are no pictures of it

2018-04-11 03:36:32 UTC  

I could of took pictures of them today, but by the time I got to that put of the neighbhood, it was too dark again

2018-04-11 09:36:50 UTC  

@Aeyannic_Order do you have street locations for the top two?

2018-04-11 20:37:50 UTC  

Blue Dome District
Tulsa, OK

2018-04-11 20:37:58 UTC

2018-04-11 20:38:13 UTC

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2018-04-11 20:53:10 UTC  

@Brunswick if you could please, include #Tulsa in when you tweet this. That hashtag sees a good amount of use.

2018-04-11 20:58:43 UTC  

Shouldn't we just get in the habit of using hashtags on all our posts?

2018-04-11 20:58:51 UTC  

It's free traffic