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2018-04-13 20:29:13 UTC  

Well done, gents.

2018-04-13 23:08:52 UTC  

@Conway - OK you've been killing it out there man

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2018-04-14 06:04:37 UTC

2018-04-14 06:05:25 UTC  

Gonzaga University

2018-04-14 06:05:28 UTC  

Spokane, Washington

2018-04-14 06:07:06 UTC  

Nice, sir.

2018-04-14 13:38:16 UTC  

Gonzaga is a private university, my guy.

2018-04-14 18:04:52 UTC  

If a different type/better picture is needed I can do that

2018-04-14 18:19:54 UTC  

If one of those get posted use the hashtags #biggovsucks and #MRC2018

2018-04-14 18:20:02 UTC  

Those are the hashtags for the event

2018-04-14 18:22:57 UTC  

kinda grainy

2018-04-14 18:23:00 UTC  

I like the photos.

2018-04-14 18:23:30 UTC  

On another note, speaking of TPUSA, is there anything we can learn from them apart from what NOT to do?

2018-04-14 18:23:47 UTC  

All of their propaganda is cringe to the max.

2018-04-14 18:25:06 UTC  

They might as well call themselves "We're the capitalists who sell to the communists the rope with which the communists hang us"

2018-04-14 18:25:11 UTC  

They're wildly successful, though.

2018-04-14 18:25:16 UTC  

So maybe we should be cringe to the max too.

2018-04-14 18:25:35 UTC  

I'll take seppuku and die with honor.

2018-04-14 18:26:42 UTC  

irony or cognitive dissonance. You decide.

2018-04-14 18:27:02 UTC  

literally every corporation on their sign hates everything they stand for.

2018-04-14 18:27:27 UTC  

@Deleted User I could either get the business card in focus or the big projection of the logo

2018-04-14 18:27:41 UTC  

sperging out here. Been talking to TPUSA people lately, and needed to vent.

2018-04-14 18:27:51 UTC  

This place is ripe for redpilling though

2018-04-14 18:28:03 UTC  

@Gaius Mucius Scaevola your work is good and I agree

2018-04-14 18:29:12 UTC  

I've also got a video of me asking Joe Walsh about our action on Syria

2018-04-14 18:30:31 UTC  

Someone let me know if the pictures get posted on Twitter

2018-04-14 20:15:18 UTC  

North Atlantic crew reporting in. Successful action at the Sacher family's Purdue pharmaceutical office in Stamford Video and audio will be released in a few days

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Same bldg

2018-04-14 20:17:33 UTC

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Nice job!

2018-04-14 20:30:07 UTC  

Great job!

2018-04-14 20:34:41 UTC

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@Deleted User Great work!

2018-04-14 22:20:59 UTC  

@Conway - OK I know it is. Which is why I asked about the legality of it before. I didn't vandalize anything, and, if they asked me to leave, I would have left, so they couldn't get me on trespassing.

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