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@**Åli̊čeȰn✨Q̣̇✨** - Did Putin definately say SOROS????

@gavin giant Why do you hate President Vladamir Putin and Russia so damn much?

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ok gavin, bring it.

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@gavin giant Are you a Closet Nazi & Muslim Lover?

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oooh fight

@gavin giant PUT UP FACTS, not EUcentric Opinions.

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And no I’m not a nazi or far right but leaning right

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I love Putin's label of American mainstream noise as the jingling of loose change in a pocket... He knows that he and Trump are working with big deals & folding money. LOVE that.

2018-07-16 16:09:03 UTC  

@2 𝓚 𝓛 𝓒 𝓙𝓻 77 🇺🇸🕇 Screaming about Nazis in the EU is not only factually inaccurate its simply more anti white rhetoric promoted by leftist idealogues.

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💥💥 💥

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I love that this conference reflects on the relief effort of human suffering in Syria and the change of the immigration flow...

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gavin, you were warned numerous times - I put you on a 10min mute. If you dont like being told off like a child, dont behave like one.

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Look at the videos I put up, if you think I’m like that

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I smell seizure of Soros assets worldwide... that will clip the wings of all the nonsense

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if you would like to escalate it please continue, alternatively I suggest you come in voice and be a man

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No I didn’t get a warning I got shutdown by you, with power there comes responsibility

@Deleted User The EU & UN has voted overwhelmingly against both Christians & Jews, and Russia to which has eradicated hatred for Christians and Jews.

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ladies ladies ladies

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@Deleted User need the Rothschild assists too

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let's get along now

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yes... impound these assets

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queen's castle

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@2 𝓚 𝓛 𝓒 𝓙𝓻 77 🇺🇸🕇 Ok...fair enough. Show me a list of religions banned by the Nazis...

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He's working with Trump..against the Cabal..not against Israel

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Parliamentarian inquiry

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Gentlemen gentlemen

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Just watched press conference! Mind blown!

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You have gained a rank @vikingscott, you just advanced to 15 . Thanks for all you do Patriot!

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Hashtag the hell out of #whereistheserver

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The posts before I got put on mute

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Just want to say @Deleted User @**Åli̊čeȰn✨Q̣̇✨** appreciate your good input👍😀