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@MrDefault Thanks for the heads up; I wasnt aware.

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Its fine. Awesome work boys are these different locations in Chicago?

2018-09-15 20:20:01 UTC  

@MrDefault Thanks! These are all in the Hyde Park neighborhood in Chicago. This is in the South Side, north and east of UChicago.

2018-09-15 20:21:37 UTC  

@MrDefaultNo, we just pounded the heck out of an area in Hyde Park.

2018-09-15 20:22:09 UTC  

Oops...Aug already answered that...

2018-09-15 20:23:25 UTC  

I especially like the fountain with the "harvesting lady" (?)/Poseidon

2018-09-15 20:24:26 UTC  

And yeah, Mick already clarified that about Evan, @MrDefault.

2018-09-15 20:24:47 UTC  

To me anyway

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Dank shots IL crew 🔥

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University of Colorado - Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs, CO)

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@Stahl - IL heck yes, represent, bro

2018-09-16 00:47:31 UTC  

Thanks, guys! @John O - @Valaska

2018-09-16 02:46:00 UTC  

Here are some pics from the Park Cleanup and Banner Drop in Plano, TX.

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@James Moore - TX Good work, guys!

2018-09-16 02:53:28 UTC  

Love it, awesome work! 👌🏻

2018-09-16 03:09:37 UTC  

Grand work gents.

2018-09-16 03:47:34 UTC  

Very nice!

2018-09-16 03:52:59 UTC  

Fantastic photos! Did anyone see you guys and ask about IE?

2018-09-16 04:10:32 UTC  

No, the park was mostly quiet, it was pretty early in the morning. We did have some pleasant interactions with the occasional park-goer during the trash pickup phase before the photos.

2018-09-16 09:58:25 UTC  

Stunning banner, loved how all of the landscape really matches with it. Excellent job TX!

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Some of the IE ladies have been working hard on this new idea of activism. IE rocks painted and left in parks, hiking trails and places alike. These were done by the lovely @Courtney Sunshine

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Great first set! I'm really happy to see this initiative become a reality and am hyped to see what you ladies have in store across the nation. This new angle of activism could make things very interesting for us on social media... Thank you for getting this started! @The Morrígan and @Courtney Sunshine

2018-09-16 17:23:39 UTC  

That's brilliant!

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Just make sure it's not in any place TOO sensitive like wildlife refuges, national forests or national parks. We LNT and respect nature. City Parks should be okay.

2018-09-16 19:30:08 UTC  

Conservationists are a target demographic

2018-09-16 19:39:43 UTC  

IE has the best women

2018-09-16 19:39:46 UTC  

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN . Excellent point. Pictured here: local public library grounds and community public park/playground.