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Bainbridge Island, Washington

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@Jacob That board is pretty woke...

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Columbus Day activism with @Gimlet

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Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington

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That last photo is legit Marxist garbage.

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International District, Seattle, Washington

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Great shot UT bros!

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Columbus Ohio action, defend Columbus

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Excellent work guys

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Great job guys!

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Love the banner!

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Great work fellow Ohioans!!!

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Those are before and after photos of the grave of Elizabeth Snelling, the first White child born in Minnesota. Her gravesite is located in the yard of the Fort Snelling Chapel. The site of her grave was becoming overgrown with vegetation, so three members - @Aeyannic_Order @Envian @Hyphenstein - and I joined forces to clear it up and make it look respectible. To that end, I think we were mostly successful. During the operation, the groundskeeper pulled up in his convertible and asked us what we were doing. We told him we were community activists and that thought we would do a favor by cleaning up this historic gravesite. He did not seem to mind - as we were doing his job for him, and asked us to clean up the rest of the weeds in the chapel yard (we did not). He told us we did a beautiful job.

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v. nice @Rick

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Thanks! Are those photos worthy of being posted to twitter?

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Top and bottom with the condensed text, yeah, I should think so - right, @Brunswick ?

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Yeah. We can probably leave out the part about our near-doxxing.

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Yea i'll use those two pictures and condense the text and put it on social media

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@Rick how were y’all nearly doxxed?

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Near-doxxing might be an overstatement, but we were all a little concerned about the groundskeeper. He just stayed there and kept talking to us. I would say for about 10-15 minutes. I thought he would never leave. He did not see our IE posters and stickers, though. When he read the grave, he said: "The first child born in Minnesota - THE FIRST WHITE CHILD?!?" I responded: "oh yeah, I guess I hadn't noticed that - you're right." I did not take him as a shitlib, rather just a 90-110 normie - who was just there for the pay check. His reaction to the grave being for the first White child seemed be more of a shock that anyone would be non-PC enough to dare point that out and not that he was offended by it.

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@Rick that explains why the IE flyers were not in the last pic. Sad, “the first white child” causes offense to normies.

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In 1926 it was acceptable for children to get together and build a memorial to the first white child. In 2018 grown men are offended by it.

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In a hundred years, I.E.'s descendants will place flowers on the grave of the first white child born on Europa (as in, the moon of Jupiter).

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Yeah. We were pretty much done with the clean up by the time he approached us. We weren't able to place the IE materials until after he left.

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@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Of course, by then the spelling of that Jupiter moon will be corrected to Evropa.

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Pike Place Market (Seattle, WA)